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Tailor-made motorcycle tours in Italy

It is universally acknowledged that Italy is one of the most multi-faceted interesting place to visit on earth. Italy just has it all: its territory offers an unrivaled wealth of history, landscapes, regional cultures and cuisines, allowing a traveler to easily enjoy on the same day winding roads in the mountains and along the coast, a trip to a city of art and a foray into the wilds of nature, grabbing a quick sandwich stuffed with delicious Italian charcuterie (such as prosciutto and mortadella) at lunchtime and savoring a fine slow-food dinner by candlelight in the evening … Not forgetting the favorable mild climate of the Southern European countries and, from a motorcyclist’s point of view, the fortunate dearth of flatness …

In a nutshell, the whole country is worth more than a visit, especially on a motorbike!

But with so many possible combinations of interests, how can we please just everybody?


Taking part in a pre-organized tour always means having to adapt to a program: some people would love to stay on the bike for the whole day whereas others prefer to spend more time discovering the territory, visiting natural and historic sites; some people, after a plentiful breakfast, would only expect a quick sandwich for lunch, whereas others would only accept slow, gourmet meals during their holidays, quietly sitting at a table; and some people can never get enough turns and tarmac while for others, after a 6-hour trip, their only desire is to relax at the spa or have a swim in the pool …
Well, as you can see, it is well-nigh impossible to make everyone happy!

This is why we could not limit our services to pre-organized tours and are proud to offer the possibility to have, in alternative, a fully tailor-made tour packaged especially for you in accordance with your specific desires and needs. A high-value service with an efficient operation relying on carefully selected, tried-and-tested partners that gives us the certainty of doing it well.

These fully-customized tours are available for motorcyclists’ clubs, corporate and private groups, and individuals.

With a simple set of information (such as the location and duration of the journey, the mix of cultural interests and your preferences as to landscapes, food and hotels) we’ll concoct for you your dream holiday along Italy’s most beautiful roads.

We can tailor complete packages around your requirements that may include just any type of activity or event you wish (gala dinner, shows, races, visits, food and wine tasting, a balloon trip over the Dolomites…) and any extension you might want to add to the motorbike tour itself, from a stay in an Italian city of art to a relaxing week by the sea or a sports weekend in the mountains … provided that the central theme remains touring on a motorcycle, mainly in Italy.
Some ideas:

  • one of our ready-to-buy tours scheduled at other dates for your private group
  • a luxury tour with only 5-star hotels and gourmet restaurants
  • a private family cruise bike + yacht: a series of amazing day tours on a motorcycle while cruising along the Italian coasts on a sailing boat or a yacht with your family
  • or on the contrary, a very basic tour with accommodation in B&Bs and 500 km in the saddle every day

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