Motorcycle tours in Italy

Pleasure touring for Rider & Pillion

Lunch by the sea in a charming hotel typical of our motorcycle tour in Italy

Hotels and restaurants

Gastronomy and first class accommodation are our priorities


We believe that warriors should enjoy their rest as much as their battles.
This is why we offer much more than simple motorcycle trips: we bring you high-end holidays on a motorcycle, a concept that embodies relaxation and pampering, quality accommodation and fine dining, in a word la Dolce Vita.

Our first-class hotels will satisfy even the most demanding guests, for we have given due emphasis to all the aspects that go into making a luxury holiday. Wherever possible, we choose high-rated hotels with top facilities and excellent food in historic and scenic settings but not too far off the beaten track, often in exquisitely beautiful villages offering inviting backdrops for a romantic dinner or evening walk.

Each day our wanderings end around 4.30 – 5.00 PM in beautiful, charming hotels, possibly with at least 4 stars and numerous amenities, so that our guests can carry on enjoying themselves as they prefer: at the pool, in the spa, on the beach, playing some sport, going for a walk, sampling a spot of nightlife …

Gastronomy is another fundamental part of the game.
Indeed, as the passionate travelers and bon vivants we are, we believe that food tells a lot about a place and its population so that one cannot get to know and understand Italy if he/she doesn’t know and understand the Italian cuisine. We also believe that eating well is an important factor of a successful holiday, especially if the holiday is in Italy, whose cooking is one of the most famous, delicious and beloved in the world.

This is why we wanted to offer our guests a clever half-board formula that comprises one complete main meal of excellent Italian cuisine per day, mostly dinner but at least 2 times in a week it will be lunch, in a  typical restaurant selected for its remarkable traditional cuisine, while you will be are free to have dinner where you please. 

Since we have personally selected first class hotels that often feature quality cuisine, sometimes the included dinner will be properly at the hotel. But we know that half-board food is usually not representative of the immense culinary talent of Italy while the discovery of Italian food and wine is a fundamental characteristic of all our tours . For this reason we wanted to give you the opportunity on one hand of having some deserving typical dishes in hand-picked restaurants that we appreciate for their delicious specialties, and on the other hand of sampling the local gastronomy on your own, having some dinners in restaurants that you choose, eating the dishes that you choose, with the people that you choose.

As regards the remaining lunches, a longer pause is scheduled every day in a bar or cafeteria – always an appetizing place – where to have a sandwich, a salad and some fast food warm dishes; and at least two shorter breaks for a cup of coffee, an ice-cream or else will be made along the day.