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Moto-tourism: a great opportunity for travel agencies!

Travel agents of the whole world complain that their job has become very difficult, much because of the competition on the internet and the many people who now organize their holidays on their own, much also because of the ongoing crisis that has dramatically reduced the number of standard travelers. What they need is new ideas, new products (the kind that is difficult to organize by oneself) and possibly new categories of customers: wealthy people, of the kind that are happy to pay for having a fully organized very special, enthralling, luxury, custom-made holiday.

Specializing and innovating are the key! Our proposal: high-end holidays on a motorbike, in Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world and an ideal place to be toured by motorbike!

A lot of time has passed since motorcycling was only an unhealthy hobby for bad boys.
In the past 15 years, at least, it has won its spurs and gained always more appeal among a constantly vaster population of aficionados who are both lovers of the contact with nature and of the thrilling excitement that their powerful, rumbling steel steed gives them along the road.

Who chooses to visit Italy, for example, a marvelous country offering an unrivaled wealth of cultural, artistic, historic and beautiful natural sites together with a long tradition of high-end hospitality, of excellent cuisine, of romance, poetry, design, fashion, elegance,  and generally speaking with a high life quality level, can only desire to experience the greatest possible combination of pleasures during their holiday!   

Moto-tourism is a perfect match between motorcycling and tourism which puts together the best of both worlds, with discernment and poise.

The motorbike started winning lots of brownie points with it. It became a “sound” passion and even a lifestyle, conquering millions of followers all over the world. For solo riders and for couples, because motorbiking is pleasure in all senses, for all senses, and sharing it with your special one makes the pleasure even bigger.

Yes, dear agent, moto-tourism is a great reply to your search of new, seller products! High-end moto-tourism in Italy, on behalf of Italians, is even more: it is a highly prized “made in Italy” labelled product.

But organizing a motorbike tour is quite a different job from planning a coach or car journey.
The roads are not the same, the routes are not the same, the places to see are others too, big towns must be kept off the program. The timing is completely different. The whole construction logics change because it is the philosophy of moto-tourism, actually, that is totally different from travelling with other means and goals. What bikers like is usually quite hideous for closed vehicle drivers. What is pure fun and adrenaline for the first is an ordeal for the second ones.  It is therefore very important to have a specialized partner to rely on to be able to propose efficiently this new kind of travels, having the certainty of the customer’s satisfaction.

We will be very happy to be yours, in one of the most exciting and ideal motorcycling countries in the world: Italy! 

We offer our customers as well a collection of ready-to-buy tours and fully tailor-made motorbike holidays:

1) Ready-to-buy high-end escorted tours

We propose a series of pre-organized tours scheduled from April to October covering (theoretically) the whole Italian territory. Differently from the majority of motorbike tour organizers, whose services are basically limited to the ride without much around, we have chosen to be complete, rightful constituted tour operators specialized in motorbike holidaying in Italy and therefore, in addition to offering great rides on hand-picked exhilarating biking routes, to focus on our country’s most beloved assets as well. Why? Because the foreigners who choose to visit Italy usually are demanding customers looking for those precise characteristics that our country is famous and selected for : its huge artistic and historic heritage, the extraordinary beauty of the nature that embraces sceneries of any type (mountains, hills, wild seaside, countryside, forests, beaches, olive groves, etc …), its excellent cuisine, its fine wines, its elegant first class accommodations, its luxury facilities and spas, the mild climate, the romantic atmosphere … in a word, for the “dolce vita” … We offer all this! Plus the wonderful opportunity to discover the country on a motorcycle. Together with Italians, because only locals can get the visitor to know the authentic soul of a place. In a nutshell, we offer high-end moto-tourism.

Therefore our pre-organized holidays are made up for 33% of real motorbiking on carefully selected exhilarating and thrilling biking routes amid beautiful sceneries, for 33% of real culture, tourism and sight-seeing aiming at introducing our clients to the real soul of Italy and showing them very deserving places often out of the beaten track, and for 33% of real relaxation offering beautiful and charming 4-star (or some very special 3-star) hotels with top facilities, great attention to the gastronomy, and sufficient free time to relax and enjoy the rest of the day with the group or on your own, at the pool, in the village, in a romantic restaurant or even with a further individual ride …

2) Bespoke, private tours

Because not all the bikers who come to Italy desire this kind of trip and treat.
Some are not interested in culture and visits, nor in luxury hotels. Some may wish to be in the saddle 8 hours in a day, sleeping under a tent, eating only fast food … Or on the contrary they may wish more luxury, more culture, more thematic holidays …

Addressing more specifically groups, whether small (some friends) or larger (motoclubs, corporate buying groups, …) – but also individuals – we design, organize, administrate and lead the buyer’s ultimate dream holiday on a motorbike in Italy! Tailored tours are subject to no restriction as to budget, places, dates, duration, timing, contents, etc … since they are worked-out according to the customer’s specific instructions and requirements. A wish list helps us understanding what the customer expects from his holiday on a motorbike with us and our proposal is being constructed through a continuous exchange until the perfect product that fully matches the buyer’s desires has been created.

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