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Our mission: real motorcycling

So, what is real motorcycling?  Motorways? Plains with nothing to see?  Mile after mile of straight roads?  City traffic?  No, it most certainly isn’t, at least that’s not how we see it. To us, real motorcycling means enjoying your time on your bike at most, being stimulated by your environment and the amazing sceneries, being challenged by a technically difficult…

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A group of riders on enjoying the best biking roads in Trento on one of our motorcycle tour in Italy

There are thousands of roads in Italy, the beautiful ones and those to avoid…

To end-up on exhilarating bikers’ roads or on the others, those with a huge traffic, shitty asphalt, no view, narrow, lost in the middle of nowhere, makes the difference between a successful and pleasant motorcycle tour and a disappointing trip, between your satisfaction and your bad mood. If you are one of those people for whom riding a motorcycle is…

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Time for your dream motorcycle tour with Italy on Motorbike

After the bad times, bring on the good ones with a motorcycle tour!

Italy has reopened its doors to European visitors 3 weeks ago, and in the past few days, several other European countries have followed suit and ended their lockdowns, as have many other countries worldwide.  In short, we have our life back, finally, and with it, motorcycle touring!  Hurrah!! For us, we can’t pretend it hasn’t been hard!  As you can…

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Free rider motorcycle tour, something for everyone!

We have something for everyone!

Beside many people who like the idea of a “turnkey” motorcycle tour without worries, because after all holidays are made to de-stress and have fun without having to look after anything, there are many others who live for this week or two where they can finally escape alone on their bikes – well, often their other halves or a group…

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