Motorcycle tours in Italy

Pleasure touring for Rider & Pillion

Sunbeds on a beautiful beach, an option for a holiday extension after one of our motorcycle tour in Italy

Tour, before and after

Italy is so beautiful and there is so much to see and do …
We have divided our tours into geographical areas, but it is impossible to say that one region is worth visiting more than another. They just offer different kinds of emotions! Take Sardinia, the Chianti area in Tuscany, or the Dolomites in the Alps, typical examples of how many different options Italy offers and why it is so fascinating to be toured on a motorcycle: different types of road, different difficulty levels, different landscapes, different life style, totally different themes. You will choose the Alps if what you are mainly looking for are grandiose landscapes of woods and mountains and challenging passes, but you will select Tuscany if mainly interested in history, culture, gastronomy and enchanting postcards sceneries ; Sardinia will be your choice if you love jagged sea panoramas, paradise beaches, prehistory and pristine nature. They are all completely different but equally beautiful!

That’s why we wanted to offer you a way to extend and customize your holiday in total freedom, with bespoke extensions that you can arrange before the tour, after it, or both! Here are just a few suggestions to give an idea of ​​what we can do for you.

Extending the ride, with or without a private tour leader

We can make a mix between a ready-to-buy tour and a tailor-made riding holiday adding just another few days on the bike before of after one of our pre-packaged tours and go deeper into a question/theme that captivates you in this particular area of Italy, such as wine and food tastings, following some important personality’s footsteps, riding/visiting a specific area … on your own or with a private tour leader.

Staying out by yourself

The warrior’s rest is sacred. Therefore you may choose, preferably after the tour, to treat yourself to a relaxing holiday by the sea, a mountain lake, a thermal place… You can enjoy a stay by yourselves in one of our partner hotels at preferential rates.

Want a customized program off the bike?

Not a problem. We are rightful licensed Personal Voyagers and will concoct your dream add-on, just for you.

Big art cities like Rome, Venice or Florence, which our tours only touch, are never thoroughly visited, first of all because this would be in contrast with the moto-tourist’s philosophy, but also for practical reasons since riding single file in the middle of the city traffic would make things very complicated. So we would be pleased to tailor you a personal tour of Milan, Turin, Bologna, … as you like.
And that’s not all. If Florence or Venice are not romantic enough for you, and you’d like to take advantage of your time in Europe to see other fascinating cities, such as Paris, Madrid or Prague, then that’s no problem either – we are here to please!

Something more personal?
Well, let’s imagine that it is your anniversary and you want to impress your beloved with a unique and unforgettable holiday extra.
 How about a guided city tour for two in your native language, lunch with celebration cake and champagne in a historic building, dinner in a Michelin-starred restaurant, opera in the Verona Arena or the ballet at La Scala, overnighting in the best hotel in town …?
No problem. Make a wish, and we’ll make it come true!

Jet lag

Our friends who arrive from afar should not underestimate the importance of acclimatization for their safety. Motorcycle riding in itself requires more attention and concentration than driving a car, especially if you do not know the Italian road signs, even more so if you’re not used to riding on the right side of the road. Therefore we strongly recommend – and if you are jet-lagged, we may insist – that you take a day or two to acclimatize before you get on the bike. Take advantage of our preferential hotel rates to arrive in Italy 48/24 hours before the tour begins, and start discovering the Beautiful Country (Il Bel Paese) with a nice relaxing “recovery” day strolling around and shopping.
What a better way to reset your body clock than wandering through the historic center of one of the world’s most beautiful art cities?