Motorcycle tours in Italy

Pleasure touring for Rider & Pillion

Bikers about to depart from the overnight hotel on one of our motorcycle tour

Technical advice

When touring on a motorcycle, especially in the company of strangers, it is necessary to follow a series of rules to avoid hazards and delays caused by the careless behavior of a participant, in order that the holiday proceed without hitches for the whole group. As such we recommend these technical advice:

  • If touring with your own bike, make sure that machine and tires are in perfect condition
  • The use of a helmet is mandatory in all Europe, such helmet shall be compliant with the CE norms in force. Though the helmet is the only mandatory protection means, we warmly recommend that you don’t use the bike without a complete protection gear on. Avoid leather overalls and prefer dedicated technical-type wear: it will protect you when riding and keep you comfortable during the visits. Remember to always have a rain suit in your luggage and to use specific gloves when riding.
  • Though we cannot constrain you to use protection wear, we insist on this topic that we consider extremely important for your safety. Differently from many big countries, Italian roads are not straight, flat, broad, deserted (… and terribly boring) but on the contrary often tecnically challenging but thrilling roller-coaster tracks with lots of turns, ups and downs, snaking in the nature and amid the tortuous lanes of the vary many villages on our way … especially those that we have selected to ensure your maximum fun in the saddle, so protection is needed!
    We would therefore feel much better not seeing again anyone getting on the bike with shorts but only with Kevlar-lined trousers, nor bare arms but only wearing a biker’s jacket with protections on the elbows and the back, neither with sandals but only with closed-toe shoes that protect whole foot and ankle.
  • When touring in mountains, put some comfortable, warm clothing in your luggage for the evenings; even if the tour takes place in summer, it runs on top of the world, therefore it is advisable to have some warm sweaters for your free time
  • When touring by the sea, make sure you have a beach towel and a bathing suit on board, in case we should stop to take a refreshing dive
  • Take practical luggage. Though we have selected only in first class hotels for your accommodation, we have minded that the atmosphere is relaxed and not stilted
  • Avoid tank bags and similar items that can easily be stolen from the bike during rest stops and visits.


  • In the morning, we set out at around 9:00. Please be punctual! We get back to the hotel at about 4.30 – 5.00 every afternoon, leaving you enough free time for relaxing and enjoying yourself with a dip in the pool, a healthy dose of spa pampering, a spot of sport, a quiet stroll, or a tasty aperitif in the hotel or about town – whatever takes your fancy.
  • To avoid the congestion and hassle of riding in town in a group, our accommodations are always away from the big city centers but Rome and Milan where all tours start from and arrive to. Wherever possible, we choose hotels in superlative historic and scenic settings but not too far off the beaten track, often in exquisitely beautiful villages offering inviting backdrops for a romantic dinner or evening walk.
  • Don’t forget that for all our tours we guarantee that:

– 90% of the roads will have great views over magnificent landscapes in verdant countryside or along the coast
– 90% of the roads are full of appealing curves and free of dull straights, making fun biking for riders and passengers alike
– all the roads have a proper tarmac surface
– there will be no motorways, but for the first/last 50 km from big cities (especially Milan and Rome) to facilitate and quicken our way out/in, whereas using suburban roads – by the way probably without any appeal – would results in getting stuck in the traffic.

Technical advice for our motorcycle tours in Italy