How to book

Convenient sales conditions and departures guaranteed!

Italy has it all: mountains, hills, countryside, sea, lakes, cities, islands, rocks, forests, beaches, … prehistory, Middle-Ages, Renaissance, modern Italy, … monuments, churches, castles , … museums, galleries, restaurants, night-life, mountain refuges, high cuisine … We know that choosing from our program the right tour for you may not be easy, but don’t worry: just call or write us, we shall be able to guide you and find, together, the one most suited to your expectations, penchants and aptitudes.

Booking is easy, proceed as follows:

  • Should you need some more information on one or more tours, please fill in the request of information form found at the bottom of each tour specifications sheet. Our staff will contact you and give you all the information you desire on our tours, help you choose a rental bike (if requested), reply to all the questions you may have, discuss your expectations and see to arrange an extension to your holiday if desired.
  • Once you have made up your mind download the booking form on your computer, fill it in, PRINT it as a PDF file to “freeze” it then send it as an attachment to together with the payment of a deposit of 200 Euro per person.
  • Any tour booked within 60 days before its departure date is subject of the deposit + 40% of the price right upon receipt of our travel contract.
  • Any tour booked within 30 days before its departure date must be paid in full right upon receipt of our travel contract.

60 days before the tour departure date  

  • All participants must pay 40% of the price at latest 60 days before the departure date.

30 days before the tour departure date

  • The payment of the balance is due at latest 30 days before the tour departure date.
  • If In case only 1 or 2 bikes should have enrolled on a tour, then customers can decide whether they confirm their participation against payment of a supplement, or they cancel their participation, in which case all sums already paid are refunded. 
  • Within a few days you will receive our final confirmation along with any tickets and vouchers for the extras you might have required.

Though, it is possible to book even within 30 days from the scheduled departure date!
Indeed we accept bookings based on availability

  • of subscriptions (max 12 motorcycles per tour)
  • of rental motorcycles (if requested)
  • of rooms in the various hotels of the tour

In this case the whole amount will have to be paid in full right upon receipt of our confirmation.