Motorcycle tours in Italy

Pleasure touring for Rider & Pillion


Author: Francoise Ohlmann

Free rider motorcycle tour, something for everyone!

We have something for everyone!

Beside many people who like the idea of a “turnkey” motorcycle tour without worries, because after all holidays are made to de-stress and have fun without having to look after anything, there are many others who live for this week or two where they can finally escape alone on their bikes – well, often their other halves or a group…

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A lake in the Alps on our Top Class motorcycle tour of the Alps, northern lakes and Dolomites in Italy

Guided motorcycle tour Northern lakes, Alps and Dolomites

13 days and 12 nights – 2000 km
From June 30th till July 12th, 2020
From August 21st till September 02nd, 2020

# the majestic Alps with the amazing northern lakes and the breathtaking Dolomites … in a word a wow tour as well for your eyes and the pleasure of riding
# an exhilarating tour for expert riders who want to put their riding skills to the test amid sharp bends and major climbs and descents
# enthralling chalet hotels in enthralling villages brimming with colorful flowers

The entrance of the Misano track on our Guided motorcycle tour World Ducati Week

Guided motorcycle tour World Ducati Week 2020

9 days and 8 nights – 1615 km
From July 13th till 21st, 2020
# the biggest meeting in the world of Ducati lovers on their bikes, organized every two years on the Marco Simoncelli circuit in Misano, about 120 km away from the Ducati factory in Bologna
# an amazing tour on the most exhilarating passes of the Alps and Dolomites, along routes beloved and dreamt of by just any biker on the planet, starting from the king Stelvio … that goes without saying
# an incursion on some juicy passes of the Apennines was a must too, heading for amazing Tuscany’s main town Florence

The snowy Alps from our classic motorcycle tour of the Stelvio

Motorcycle tour Stelvio, Alps and the Dolomites

9 days and 8 nights – 1600 km
# the second highest tarmacked pass in Europe at 2748 m and many others: a must for any passionate biker
# an adrenaline-fuelled ride for expert bikers through Italy, Switzerland and Austria with an infinite string of juicy passes
# the magnificent and majestic sceneries of the western Alps and of the Trentino Dolomites
Guided edition: July 21 – July 29, 2020

The remains of a church on our Top Class motorcycle tour Italia Bella

Guided motorcycle grand tour Italia Bella

16 days and 15 nights – 2590 km
From June 12th till 27th, 2020

# the west coast of Italy from the Cinque Terre to Rome and the wild and exotic island Sardinia, a mosaic of 6 beautiful but very diverse regions
# a superb day tour in Italy’s haute cuisine and top quality wines realm, the undeservedly little known yet enchanting Piedmont
# a selection of the most enthralling sites of Tuscany with a day off in Florence and another fabulous rest day by the dream sea of Sardinia

A sunflower field from one of our motorcycle tour in Tuscany from Rome

Guided motorcycle tour A Ride from Milan to Rome

8 days and 7 nights – 1150 km
From June 11th till 18th, 2020 from Milan to Rome
From October 12th till 19th, 2020 from Rome to Milan

# an awesome coastal stretch along the Liguria Riviera with Portofino and the amazing Cinque Terre colorful fishermen’s villages
# then an enchanting journey through the splendid countryside sceneries, medieval burgs and majectic Renaissance towns of Tuscany
# the 2 Italian capitals in one tour: the temple of fashion Milan and the magic of the Eternal City, and in-between the discovery of the 2 faces of modern Italy