Motorcycle tours in Italy

Pleasure touring for Rider & Pillion

Author: Francoise Ohlmann

Autumn in Sardinia

Still a little-known land for most foreigners, Sardinia is nonetheless a magnificent, welcoming Italian region that you can’t help but fall in love with. Perhaps it’s because it’s an island – a real one, at a several-hour sail from the mainland – that you don’t just happen to cross: you have to go there on purpose. For me, it’s a…

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A typical farmhouse in the middle of colourful fields on our Top Class motorcycle tour of Tuscany

Guided motorcycle tour The rolling hills of Tuscany

10 days and 9 nights – 1550 km
April 15 – April 24, 2024
June 15 – June 24, 2024
October 12 – July 21, 2024

# a pleasure for all your senses: imagine a rolling landscape of vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields, the savor of tasty meats and juicy veggies, the fragrance of the flower fields … and start dreaming
# a journey back in time through medieval castles and Renaissance palaces, postcard hamlets and old manors
# wow rides on Italian bikers’ most beloved passes of the Apennines

A Honda VFR800 on a coastal road on our Top Class motorcycle tour of Sardinia

Guided motorcycle tour Sardinia, a bikers’ paradise

10 days and 9 nights – 1550 km
April 05 – April 14, 2024
October 01 – October 10, 2024

# the best time of your life in the saddle in the bikers’ paradise, and once you’re off the bike … the magic continues
# perfect twisting roads in a preserved nature made of a green and wild inland and amazing coasts overlooking heavenly turquoise waters
# an authentic island with a genuine life style in harmony with the nature and delicious food with the forgotten taste it had long time ago

The remains of a church on our Top Class motorcycle tour Italia Bella

Guided motorcycle grand tour Italia Bella

16 days and 15 nights – 2590 km
May 20 – June 04, 2024
September 14 – September 29, 2024

# the west coast of Italy from the Cinque Terre to Rome and the wild and exotic island Sardinia, a mosaic of 6 beautiful but very diverse regions
# a superb day tour in Italy’s haute cuisine and top quality wines realm, the undeservedly little known yet enchanting Piedmont
# a selection of the most enthralling sites of Tuscany with a day off in Florence and another fabulous rest day by the dream sea of Sardinia

The central tribune of Mugello on our motorcycle tour of Italy with a MotoGP

Guided motorcycle tour Italy and MotoGP

12 days and 11 nights – 1750 km
June 04 – June 15, 2024 (to be confirmed)
August 31 – September 11, 2024 (to be confirmed)

# a particularly exhilarating way to attend an Italian motogp: with a group of travel mates, because the more, the merrier!
# a beautiful touristic journey in Tuscany, Umbria and Marche, up and down the Apennines from one medieval burg to the next castle
# a visit in San Marino, the world’s oldest and smallest republic near Valentino’s home town

A lake in the Alps on our Top Class motorcycle tour of the Alps, northern lakes and Dolomites in Italy

Guided motorcycle tour Northern lakes, Alps and Dolomites

13 days and 12 nights – 2000 km
June 26 – July 08, 2024

# the majestic Alps with the amazing northern lakes and the breathtaking Dolomites … in a word a wow tour as well for your eyes and the pleasure of riding
# an exhilarating tour for expert riders who want to put their riding skills to the test amid sharp bends and major climbs and descents
# enthralling chalet hotels in delightful villages brimming with colorful flowers, scattered in one of the world’s most unique natural wonder (Unesco site)

Guided motorcycle tour The Dolce Vita on central Italy’s best roads

13 days and 12 nights – 1900 km
May 07 – May 19, 2024

# Rome and the Roman lidos plus all the major beauties of a delightful region that has much more to offer than “just” the Eternal City
# treat yourself to a diva experience in the legendary places of the most theatrical region of Italy: incredible Campania, with Naples, Sorrento, the gorgeous Amalfi coast, an excursion at Capri …
# refresh yourselves in the green mountains of the largest natural park of Italy and its spectacular summit, the Gran Sasso, peaking at almost 3000 m

The entrance of the Misano track on our Guided motorcycle tour World Ducati Week

Guided motorcycle tour World Ducati Week 2024

9 days and 8 nights – 1615 km
July 08 – July 16, 2024 (to be confirmed)

# the biggest meeting in the world of Ducati lovers on their bikes, organized every two years on the Marco Simoncelli circuit in Misano, about 120 km away from the Ducati factory in Bologna
# an amazing tour on the most exhilarating passes of the Alps and Dolomites, along routes beloved and dreamt of by just any biker on the planet, starting from the king Stelvio … that goes without saying
# an incursion on some juicy passes of the Apennines was a must too, heading for amazing Tuscany’s main town Florence

Vinyards on the side of a hill on our Top Class motorcycle tour of the north west of Italy

Guided motorcycle tour From the Cinque Terre to the Mont Blanc

12 days and 11 nights – 1600 km
Only on request for private groups of minimum 5 people

# the enchanting vineyards covered amazing landscapes of Langhe and Roero (Unesco site), where the most prestigious Italian wines are grown, and Alba, the white truffle capital
# the glamourous Ligurian Riviera with Portofino and the delightful, romantic Cinque Terre (Unesco site) with its colorful houses hung on the mountains, plunging into the sea
# Elegant Turin, Lake Maggiore, Aosta by the Mont Blanc: a string of paradisiac panoramas among the most awesome of Italy

A sunflower field from one of our motorcycle tour in Tuscany from Rome

Guided motorcycle tour A Ride from Milan to Rome

8 days and 7 nights – 1150 km
Only on request for private groups of minimum 5 people

# an awesome coastal stretch along the Liguria Riviera with Portofino and the amazing Cinque Terre colorful fishermen’s villages
# then an enchanting journey through the splendid countryside sceneries, medieval burgs and majectic Renaissance towns of Tuscany
# the 2 Italian capitals in one tour: the temple of fashion Milan and the magic of the Eternal City, and in-between the discovery of the 2 faces of modern Italy

A typical church on our Top Class motorcycle tour of the Amalfi coast and Sicily

Guided motorcycle grand tour Vesuvius and Etna, the spectacular Italian volcanos

16 days and 15 nights – 2450 km
Only on request for private groups of minimum 5 people

# the legendary places of the most theatrical and iconic region of Italy: extraordinary Campania, with Naples, Sorrento, Capri, the gorgeous Amalfi coast and the Vesuvius
# Sicily, an island like no other with a strong identity and the unique spectacle of the Etna, the highest European volcano still in activity
# together an explosive mixture of fiery temperaments and chaotic ways of life, and tons of beauty as well in the natural landscapes and in men-crafted works plus two excellent cuisines

Our mission: real motorcycling

So, what is real motorcycling?  Motorways? Plains with nothing to see?  Mile after mile of straight roads?  City traffic?  No, it most certainly isn’t, at least that’s not how we see it. To us, real motorcycling means enjoying your time on your bike at most, being stimulated by your environment and the amazing sceneries, being challenged by a technically difficult…

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A group of riders on enjoying the best biking roads in Trento on one of our motorcycle tour in Italy

There are thousands of roads in Italy, the beautiful ones and those to avoid…

To end-up on exhilarating bikers’ roads or on the others, those with a huge traffic, shitty asphalt, no view, narrow, lost in the middle of nowhere, makes the difference between a successful and pleasant motorcycle tour and a disappointing trip, between your satisfaction and your bad mood. If you are one of those people for whom riding a motorcycle is…

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