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2018 first tour: TOP CLASS Sardinia

The first tour of the 2018 season will simply be amazing ! Many people outside Italy do not know much about Sardinia, its second biggest island after Sicily, and it really is a pity. It is because Sardinia is a beautiful land with a (still) well-preserved pristine nature in the hinterland and absolutely spellbinding coastal panoramas with heavenly white sand…

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2018 calendar calendrier 2018

Italy On Motorbike tours 2018 calendar

Our 2018 calendar is set down! After the MotoGP 2018 calendar was recently published we could finally fix the dates of our own tours, two of which are properly scheduled according to the Italian MotoGP race dates and were therefore causal for the whole program. Ten TOP CLASS tours (Tuscany is proposed as well from Milan and from Rome) ranging from…

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Orietta – Italia

SARDEGNA aprile 2017 Grazie per le bellissime giornate passate insieme. Organizzazione perfetta, sia per quanto riguarda l’hotel, sia per il viaggio in traghetto e soprattutto per i giri e le visite culturali organizzati nella bellissima Sardegna.Personalmente ho qualche difficoltà nella guida della moto, non sono una super pilota, ma Jery e Francoise sono stati splendidi, oltre ad aver organizzato un…

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Destination de voyage en Italie tours de moto roadtrip autoguidé touring à moto

About Motoraduno Stelvio International Metzeler

Treat yourself to the Italian bikers’ party par excellence! The Stelvio pass, 2757 m high, is the second highest driveway in Europe and today we’re going to talk about its famous Rally, the Motoraduno Stelvio International Metzeler. It is the biggest and most important multibrand bikers’ meeting in Italy and in the top 5 bikers’ rallies in Europe. It’s a…

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Pauline and Johnathan – France

Nous sommes bien arrivés en France. Nous tenons à vous remercier pour ce superbe et magnifique voyage que vous nous avez organisé. Que de belles aventures et de beaux paysages. L’organisation du voyage était parfaite, hôtels, restaurants, étapes sur les routes. Nous n’avons pas de mots pour décrire nos émotions. A bientôt. Johnathan et Pauline – France 

Bill – Australia

The best ever experience one cannot even imagine. I was extremely fortunate that my wife bought the tour of Tuscany for my 50th birthday and even more fortunate that Jerry took me on this tour solo. Everything was expertly organized It delivered the ultimate mix of breathtaking scenic roads , fantastic hotels and dining , and a wealth of true…

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Bad food in Italy … it is possible !!! 

You would’nt believe it but just like in every other place, good food should not be taken for granted even in Italy! We, Italians, are lucky, we live in an amazing country where life is smoother than in many other places! La Dolce Vita is something many foreigners are dreaming of, and eating well is a fundamental element of the…

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Tour en moto TOP CLASS en Toscane

Pour le 15 août, Ferragosto en Italie, offrez-vous un superbe voyage en moto en Toscane! Programmé du 10 au 17 août au départ de Rome, ce tour de 1250 km dilués sur 7 jours  vous fera découvrir de la manière la plus excitante et plaisante en été , la moto, la région d’Italie plus aimée dans le monde! Tour moto TOP…

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Belinda and Julia – South Africa

Thank you for a lovely trip and for looking after us so professionally and caringly. … Followed you suggestion and went to Lob’s Fish Restaurant for dinner last night. Julia enjoyed the seafood and I splashed out with creme brûlée, which was excellent. We drank a glass of Prosecco for you Jery & 1 or 2 extra’s too! ? Thanks…

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Travel Agency TST Vietnam

Dear Francoise and Jery, Warm greetings from Yumeboshi Media and Free Bikers Alliance! Thank you very much for … supporting us in Europe Bike tour some days ago. I understand that almost tour have some unexpected troubles, but we appreciate your time spent on arranging best services and taking care of us, which directly led to the success of the…

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Stelvio International Metzeler Motorcycle Rally

Fancying a fantastic motorcycle tour in Italy with us? If you are an expert rider longing for thrilling passes and dream roads amid the magnificence of the highest Alps, listen to this one word: Stelvio! Treat yourself to a few days of intense and concentrated pleasure on the awesome Alpine roads and the jovial atmosphere of the most important Italian…

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