Author: Francoise Ohlmann

A group of riders on enjoying the best biking roads in Trento on one of our motorcycle tour in Italy

How much do roads matter to you?

We will never say it enough, especially to our biker friends who do not know Italy, that here, unlike many countries with low population density, it is possible to have from a so-so motorbike tour, even mediocre or worse, to a frankly wonderful one, wow, superlative! Will it be a do-it-youself tour,  what can we say? It is all up…

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The new MotoGP season starts today!!

The 2019 MotoGP season is already upon us!  What will it bring?  Will we see Rossi finally get his 10th championship?  Will he ever match Agostini’s record in his last 2 years in the sport?  Will Petrucci shine with Ducati?  Will Marquez dominate the season?  What excuses will Lorenzo find for not finishing on the podium….? Well the excitement starts…

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A Honda VFR800 on a coastal road on our Top Class motorcycle tour of Sardinia

Dream Island Sardinia

11 days and 10 nights – 1700 km
From May 01st till 11th, 2019
From September 21th till October 01st, 2019

# the days on the island of our Top Class Sardinia tour from Milan, departing directly from Alghero
# perfect twisting roads in a preserved nature made of a green and wild inland and amazing coasts overlooking heavenly turquoise waters
# an authentic island with a genuine life style in harmony with the nature and delicious food with the forgotten taste it had long time ago

The remains of a church on our Top Class motorcycle tour Italia Bella

Grand Tour Italia Bella

16 days and 15 nights – 2590 km
From May 13th till 29th, 2019

# the west coast of Italy from the Cinque Terre to Rome and the wild and exotic island Sardinia, a mosaic of 6 beautiful but very diverse regions
# a superb day tour in Italy’s haute cuisine and top quality wines realm, the undeservedly little known yet enchanting Piedmont
# a selection of the most enthralling sites of Tuscany with a day off in Florence and another fabulous rest day by the dream sea of Sardinia

A sunflower field from one of our motorcycle tour in Tuscany from Rome

A Ride from Milan to Rome

8 days and 7 nights – 1150 km
From August 12th till 19th, 2019

# an awesome coastal stretch along the Liguria Riviera with Portofino and the amazing Cinque Terre
# then an enchanting journey through the splendid countryside sceneries, medieval burgs and majectic Renaissance towns of Tuscany
# the two capitals both worth a visit in one tour: the temple of fashion Milan and the magic of the Eternal City, and in-between the discovery of the two faces of modern Italy

The central tribune of Mugello on our motorcycle tour of Italy with a MotoGP

Italy and MotoGP

12 days and 11 nights – 1750 km
From May 29th till June 09th, 2019
From September 07th till 18th, 2019

# a particularly exhilarating way to attend an Italian motogp: with a group of travel mates, because the more, the merrier!
# a beautiful touristic journey in Tuscany, Umbria and Marche, up and down the Apennines from one medieval burg to the next castle
# a visit in San Marino, the world’s oldest and smallest republic near Valentino’s home town

A lake in the Alps on our Top Class motorcycle tour of the Alps, northern lakes and Dolomites in Italy

Alps, northern lakes and Dolomites

13 days and 12 nights – 2000 km
From July 16th till 28th, 2019
From August 24th till September 05th, 2019

# the majestic Alps with the amazing northern lakes and the breathtaking Dolomites … in a word a wow tour as well for your eyes and the pleasure of riding
# an exhilarating tour for expert riders who want to put their riding skills to the test amid sharp bends and major climbs and descents
# enthralling chalet hotels in enthralling villages brimming with colorful flowers

A typical farmhouse in the middle of colourful fields on our Top Class motorcycle tour of Tuscany

Enthralling Tuscany

8 days and 7 nights – 1250 km
From July 5th till 12th, 2019
From October 22nd till 29th, 2019

# a pleasure for all your senses: imagine a rolling landscape of vineyards, olive groves and wheat fields, the savor of tasty meats and juicy veggies, the fragrance of the flower fields … and start dreaming
# a journey back in time through medieval castles and Renaissance palaces, postcard hamlets and old manors
# wow rides accross the Apennines on Italian bikers’ most beloved passes

A mill from our classic motorcycle tour of Sicily

Classic Tour Sicily

9 days and 8 nights – 1500 km
# an island like no other, with wagons of contradictions and a heavenly cuisine
# a surprising journey through history from the Greek era to modern times
# a ride through outstanding sceneries by the sea, in the inland and around volcano Etna
Guided editions: April 13 – April 21, 2019 * October 12 – October 20, 2019

A shot of one of the mane lakes in the Dolomites from our classic motorcycle tour of the Dolomites

Classic Tour Dolomites

8 days and 7 nights – 1450 km
# awesome and breathtaking sceneries as rocky peaks, green meadows, forests, lakes and flowered vilages
# an extraordinary hospitality supported by solid and tasty food
# truely juicy bikers’ roads for a lot of fun in the saddle
Guided edition: July 01 – July 08, 2019

A sea view from Gaeta from our classic motorcycle tour of central Italy

Classic Tour Central Italy

8 days and 7 nights – 1520 km
# amazing coastal sceneries along the Roman lidos and the glamourous Amalfi coast
# Rome, Naples, Sorrento … the places of the Dolce Vita and set of the most famous movies of the sixties
# a refreshing escapade on the Gran Sasso for some exhilarating mountain riding
Guided edition: May 21 – May 28, 2019

The snowy Alps from our classic motorcycle tour of the Stelvio

Classic Tour Around the Stelvio

4 days and 3 nights OR 6 days and 5 nights – 1020 km
# the second highest tarmacked pass in Europe at 2748 m
# an adrenaline-fuelled ride for expert bikers through Italy, Switzerland and Austria
# the magnificent and majestic sceneries of the western Alps
Guided edition: June 26 – July 01, 2019

A typical street view from our classic motorcycle tour of Tuscany

Classic Tour Tuscany

8 days and 7 nights – 1150 km
# an enchanting journey through awesome countryside sceneries, medieval burgs and majectic Renaissance towns
# twisting roads up and down the Tuscan hills
# a very tasteful cuisine and heavenly wines will delight your palate
Guided editions: June 04 – June 11, 2019 * September 21 – September 28, 2019

A beautiful twisty road with perfect tarmac in the mountains on our Top Class motorcycle tour of Sardinia

Sardinia from Milan

13 days and 12 nights – 2050 km
From April 30th till May 12th, 2019
From September 20th till October 02nd, 2019

# a preserved nature with perfect twisting roads in the mountaineous inland and fantastic panoramic roads along the wild coasts
# an authentic and genuine life style in harmony with nature, where crossing sheep and cow flocks is usual routine
# paradisiac beaches with turquoise waters and white sand shores: heaven on earth, in Europe