Author: Brigitte Pirot

Italy Top 10 Stereotypes

Top 10 Italian stereotypes

True or false? Every nation has its own stereotypes:  the French eat frogs, the English have a stiff upper lip, the Americans only eat burgers (funny how it seems centered a lot around food!). The Italians have of course not escaped this. Like anything, there’s a lot of truth in them, however a lot of them just aren’t true. Here…

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Maximum riding pleasure roadtrip best riding roads touring in italy riding with a local

All roads lead to Rome

The complexity of touring in Italy   Touring in Italy isn’t as simple as it sounds.  Mostly because planning your roadtrip without a knowledge of the local roads, doesn’t guarantee you will get the best riding roads.  For maximum riding pleasure, there’s no better way than riding with a local, who has spent years exploring all the roads.  This means…

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Destination de voyage en Italie tours de moto roadtrip autoguidé touring à moto

How long is a kilometre?

In Italy, the kilometers are longer!   We often hear: “but the kilometers are longer here, I often do 300/400 km, sometimes even 600 a day, but in Italy it’s impossible”.  It’s true: the kilometers in Italy are longer, or at least ours are! Because we, like all Italian motorcyclists, choose the routes according to how many bends they have.…

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Sardinia by bike biker's paradise bike roads alghero best places

Sardinia, the undiscovered paradise

Sardinia is a beautiful island, 300 km long and 240 km wide, located in the west of Italy, reachable by ferry from France, Spain and of course Italy, whch offers the best bike roads around.  It truely is a biker’s paradise! The most ancient island in the Mediterranean offers historic remains of Nuraghic, Roman, Phoenician and Carthaginian civilisations, as well…

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