Who we are

Motorcyclists by passion, bon vivants by vocation!

A team of motorcyclists: Gerasimo and his staff, together with a network of biker friends scattered across the Bel Paese (our beautiful country), will introduce you to the Italy of the Italians.

After many years roaming the whole country in the saddle, having a leisurely beer or sandwich in the most panoramic bars, enjoying tasty meals in good restaurants, entertaining or romantic nights in charming hotels, and with thousands of miles under our belts, we have gained a deep knowledge of our homeland and the most enjoyable and exciting routes for exploring it on two wheels. These are joys that can be shared only with passionate bikers who, like us, love to travel and to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that surround us.

ItalyOnMotorbike is a brand, a symbol, the embodiment of owner Gerasimo Coroneos’s dream and of his wife Françoise.

Born and raised in Sardinia, Gerasimo – Jery to his friends – moved to Lombardy in the 90s and then to Emilia-Romagna in 2003, where he had met Françoise one year before, both pursuing a career in business management, primarily in sales and marketing development.
In 2011, they founded together their own company offering management and commercial services for both the Italian and foreign markets, called GEFRAN, but in summer 2012, they decided to radically change their professional lives, because life’s too short not to follow your passion.
And passion, for Gerasimo, means motorcycling!

A passion he had transmitted to Françoise, whose own dream had always been running a high-end tourism business.
And that’s how the idea came about of channeling all their managerial and biking experience (his as a rider, hers as a passenger) into motorcycle tours all around Italy. Supported by an extensive network of relationships throughout the country, finding qualified tutors and perfect connoisseurs of the best motorbike routes and places of interest in their respective areas was quite easy.

In November 2012, after careful planning, the GeFran company’s new guise came into being, and the ItalyOnMotorbike project was launched: a great pool of bikers who together put their passion, knowledge and experience at the service of other bikers seeking to discover the authentic Italy with the locals and experience its true soul.

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Whether “solo” or two-up, men or women, if you want to share an unforgettable experience in small groups (max. 12 bikes) with English speaking Italian staff, then you’ve come to the right place!

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