Motorcycle tours in Italy

Pleasure touring for Rider & Pillion

What motivates us are amazing views on our motorcycle tours of Italy

What motivates us

What we want, when you come with us, is having you forget the daily grind, home, problems – at least for a few days – and refresh yourself through a stimulating but thoroughly planned adventure.  

We want to offer you a different holiday, out of the ordinary. A travel with a group but also as a leader, because that spark of creativity and initiative is an essential ingredient, as is that pinch of adventure that makes the experience exciting: winding roads, up and down hillsides with a thrill of a “Wow, where am I?” for those who come from afar. Add to this luxury, wellness, culture, history, gastronomy and fun, and the picture is complete.

What motivates us are the tucked away charming hotels

Albergo la Bitta Arbatax

Treat yourself to a new experience, a heady mix of many pleasures. All in the marvelous country that is Italy. Among people who know how to enjoy life. In fact, the “Dolce Vita” is a concept that needs no translation, a philosophy that everybody has heard about and would like to try for themselves.

We want you to taste the authentic Italy, the country that we live in, love and that we know best.

We’ll put all our heart and soul into guiding you on the discovery of our homeland, with that warm hospitality that Italians are well known for. We’ll share with the great family of bikers some of our sentimentality and the bond to our roots that is often parodied in comedy films but is still appreciated and a little bit longed for by those who lead a more detached life.


Our purpose is to acquaint you with Italy through the eyes of the Italians and their multi-faceted character, besides sharing our passion for motorcycle travel. It’s the perfect combination: Italy is ideal to visit on a motorbike, and the best way to get to know it and its soul is to discover it with and through the people who live there and have spent many of their days seeing it all, with unbounded affection.

ItalyonMotorbike: pleasure touring for him and her.