Motorcycle tours in Italy

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What we do

Our mission is to organize motorbike tours, or rather: motorbike holidays.

Our holidays are, above all, meant for non-Italians (all our tours are led by English-speaking biker guides) who want to discover and experience our country in a different way, using a different means of transport, together with Italians. Of course, we are travel-lovers ourselves, and our personal experience has taught us that you can truly get to know places only by traveling with locals.
So our mission is very simple: to acquaint you with the Italy of the Italians.

Gerasimo's motorcycle, a Honda VFR800 on a mission to a great motorcycle tour in ItalyPerhaps you approach a journey outside your usual “home territory” with the open mind and curiosity of someone who, although aware of the different culture, language, way of life and food, wants to discover a country from the inside and so to understand it a little better. If so, then have no doubt: we are the people to explore Italy with by motorbike!

You will feel at ease with us, don’t worry! In a previous life, Gerasimo’s French wife, Françoise, had a completely different job, too, as an export manager. So we fully understand the needs, fears, and expectations of someone arriving in a foreign country, maybe for the first time, not knowing much about its habits, its people, even its language. That’s why we have put meticulous care into tailoring our tours to suit visitors from overseas, to give our customers coming from abroad the utmost support and help in planning their holidays in Italy, even organizing it “door to door”, if this is what you want.

For your safety, all our tours around Italy are always accompanied by at least one tour leader who speaks at least Italian and English.

Being demanding travelers ourselves, we carefully select our partners, because like all true bikers, we are lovers of life and all its joys.
That’s why holidaying with us is a complete experience: for riders and passengers alike, there is the thrill of exploring winding roads dotted with breathtaking views, such as a tower perched on a cliff, a magnificent Alpine picture-postcard scene, or a medieval village that whisks you right back to the olden days. And the magic doesn’t stop when you get off the bike, with our top-quality charming hotels and excellent restaurants chosen for you in enchanting, idyllic settings.

Meticulously designed to ensure excellent customer care and a good pace, our tours are and will always be “limited editions”, where each party will never exceed 12 motorcycles.

ItalyonMotorbike: designers of motorbike holidays in Italy.

Françoise and Gerasimo on a mission to a great motorcycle holiday!