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Italy On Motorbike News 2023-2024

After the two business-killer years of the covid, which brought many companies in the tourism industry to their knees, and year 2022 that wasn’t less disastrous for our business due to the setbacks, both economic (shortage of motorcycles for hire) and psychological (strong reluctance to travel in groups and to book with due advance, so that no group tour could be confirmed) of the previous years, in spite of everything we are resisting and trying our best to climb back up the ladder.

We are presently working on offering you always more exciting motorcycle holidays in Italy, not only packed with exhilarating motorcycle roads, but also with awesome  breaks to discover the natural and cultural riches of a country unique in the world. Not everyone knows how true this statement is! No chauvinism, these are indisputable facts. Italy really has a lot to offer, starting with its great diversity of landscapes. Sea, countryside, hills, mountains … it has them all, but here again, of all kinds. Indeed, the sea of Sardinia is quite different from the beaches of the northern Adriatic or the rocky coasts of Liguria, just as the Dolomites in the east are completely different mountains from the high Alps in the west, to give just 2 examples. But this great variety is not limited to nature, biodiversity, landscapes – and excuse me if it is little! It is everywhere, especially in culture, history, cuisine. Not to mention the huge historical and artistic heritage: it is estimated that Italy holds 70% to 80% of it, worldwide. Some time ago, I read somewhere that Italy is a country with its head in Europe and its feet in Africa, a phrase that I have made my own because that is exactly how I see it myself: a very fascinating country where each region is a reality unto itself, a melting pot of traditions, ways of life, dialects and foods, legacies of the many peoples who have made its history since ancient times. Indeed, Italy, despite being a rather small country, is truly a multifaceted land, like a diamond, rich in nuances, like a wonderful impressionist painting. A country that deserves being discovered region after region, to get to know it truly.

That’s why we are expanding our range of guided tours, the Premium line, which by the end of this year will encompass 16 different circuits, of a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 16 days, of which the most comprehensive – which is also the flagship of our fleet – the Grand Tour Italia Bella, explores no less than 7 different regions of our Bel Paese.

We have also decided to further differentiate our two lines Premium and Free Rider with the elimination, at the end of the 2023 season, of the few guided editions offered so far on some of our Free Rider tours.

So here is the 2024 configuration of our motorcycle tours in beautiful Italy:

Premium line: 16 guided tours with a tour leader on their own motorcycle, real high-end/luxury vacations to discover Italy, with a substantial motorcycle part that will satisfy all hard-core bikers, but also discovery and tourism, which is a must in a country like Italy. And since people also choose Italy for the good food and wine, as well as for everything pertaining to the Dolce Vita (the charm and elegance of Italians, the cult of the good life and beauty in all its forms), these aspects too are well in evidence.

Key features of Premium tours:

  • exclusively guided
  • 16 different circuits, 12 of which are scheduled while the other 4 circuits are available only as private guided tours (upon request)
  • all circuits can also be booked by private groups in exclusive, on the dates of their choice
  • all explore more than one region, some include forays into neighboring countries
  • accommodation in charming and classy 4-star hotels
  • breakfast and a full meal of excellent regional cuisine are included each day, to make them also discovery tours of the authentic Italian gastronomy
  • 1 or 2 rest days included (depending on the duration of the tour)
  • guaranteed departure with a minimum of 4 participants
  • luggage van from 8 participants

Free Rider line: 8 self-guided tours, of 8 or 9 days, in the spirit of total freedom of the authentic, thoroughbred biker, albeit scrupulously organized in terms of both routes and accommodations, so that you can travel with absolute peace of mind. These highly customizable tours can be combined with each other for a motorcycle holiday of 2 weeks or more, such as Sardinia and Tuscany, Sardinia and Sicily, central Italy (with the Amalfi Coast) and Puglia, to name just a few possible matches.

Key features of Free Rider tours:

  • Exclusively self-guided, so maximum freedom
  • 7 different circuits in as many regions of Italy plus 1 in Corsica (France), about a week long, easy to combine with each other
  • highly customizable through:
    choice of the dates
    choice of the category of accommodations
    choice of hotel amenities (pool, balcony, restaurant, out of town, …)
    choice of meals included: breakfast only or breakfast + dinner
    choice of extra days of rest or tours
  • daily itinerary files in digital format for GPS or smartphone, including not only a maximum of juicy motorcycle roads to enjoy your time in the saddle but also a number of sightseeing stops at beautiful places to visit and discover on foot
  • itineraries specifically made from hotel to hotel for each day, so that the riding part is 100% covered
  • paper mini-roadbook in addition to the digital itinerary files
  • good tips and list of good addresses to enjoy the trip at best also in terms of food and wine
  • specific quotations according to customer requests and preferences

We look forward to welcome you on a motorbike in beautiful Italy!

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