Motorcycle tours in Italy

Pleasure touring for Rider & Pillion

Our mission: real motorcycling

A lake in the Dolomites on one of our motorcycle tour in ItalySo, what is real motorcycling?  Motorways? Plains with nothing to see?  Mile after mile of straight roads?  City traffic?  No, it most certainly isn’t, at least that’s not how we see it. A twisty road inland in Sardinia on one of our motorcycle tour in Italy

To us, real motorcycling means enjoying your time on your bike at most, being stimulated by your environment and the amazing sceneries, being challenged by a technically difficult but fantastic road, whether you’re the rider or the pillion.  A good mixture of bends through hills and mountains, a few Tuscan roads strewn with cypresses, countryside roads through vineyards, a few breathtaking sea panoramas stops, Alpine passes and jagged coastal roads, a lunch break in an ancient village on top of a hill or in a lodge on a dream beach, but overall, no motorways or boring roads!

Afterall, who wants to spend their time in heavy traffic, with nothing but tarmac to see?  Like most bikers, and unlike other motorcycle tours, we think the journey is more important than the destination, we offer adventure, not standard tourism.  Of course, it’s also important to rest in the best possible way after a day in the saddle, having that nice, cold, refreshing beer in the garden or by the pool of your hotel, before going out for dinner to enjoy the traditional Italian delicacies that we shall acquaint you with or a stroll in the interesting town where you overnight, to stretch those legs.

A bridge on the way to the Passo del Abetone on one of our motorcycle tour in ItalyBut to us, real motorcycling isn’t getting from A to B, the aim is to make you discover those roads known only by us Italians, who have been riding them for years with our friends and to have fun on them!

From the winding roads of our central Italy tour to the hairpins of the Alps that will challenge the most experienced biker, come and see for yourself and discover what real motorcycling in Italy is about!


A sea view in Sardinia on one of our motorcycle tour in Italy