Motorcycle tours in Italy

Pleasure touring for Rider & Pillion

A group of riders on enjoying the best biking roads in Trento on one of our motorcycle tour in Italy

There are thousands of roads in Italy, the beautiful ones and those to avoid…

To end-up on exhilarating bikers’ roads or on the others, those with a huge traffic, shitty asphalt, no view, narrow, lost in the middle of nowhere, makes the difference between a successful and pleasant motorcycle tour and a disappointing trip, between your satisfaction and your bad mood.

If you are one of those people for whom riding a motorcycle is enough to make you happy, even on a congested highway or on an exasperating state road, you probably do not need a motorcycle travel specialist as we are. Indeed you can do it yourself with Google Maps. But if for you travelling along really beautiful roads, off the beaten track, seeing the best of the country, enjoying amazing views and having a lot of fun in the saddle on great roads, is the only way to have a great motorcycle trip, then we, Italy On Motorbike, are the right “provider” for you!

We will never say it enough, especially to our biker friends who do not know Italy, that here, unlike many countries with low population density, it is possible to have from a so-so motorbike tour, even mediocre or worse, to a frankly wonderful one, wow, superlative … because of the roads!
When talking of a professionally organized trip, it pretty much depends, of course, on the competence, knowledge and know-how, and the passion, of the tour operator who will know how to charm you

  • with beautiful typical accommodations, classy and full of character,
  • with restaurants where you’ll eat really well but you would never have chosen yourself,
  • possibly with a native tour leader, a nice guy who knows his country very well, loves it and is capable to present and explain it to you and make you live an authentic experience, far from the “good deals” that very often are just tourist traps,
  • and by selecting for the daily itineraries a series of fascinating, unexpected, characteristic and superb places where to stop,

but also and above all on the choice of the best roads to link them all!Biker's salute at the bottom of the Stelvio pass on our motorcycle tour of the Alps

It is difficult to explain to those who live in young countries where there may be tens or hundreds of km between towns, linked together by a single road, often flat and straight. In these places, to say that on day X we go from point A to point B is the equivalent of giving out the complete itinerary: there is only one possible. In Italy no!

The majority of the huge number of roads that exist in our country are of Roman origins or from the Middle Ages for the more recent ones. This small country has a village every 5 km on average, often beautiful and full of charms, often at the top of a hill because in medieval times castles, the ancestors of villages, were high to be more easily defendable in case of attack. And all these villages are connected to each other by a myriad of roads, you just can’t imagine how many! So, if you are told that today you’ll go from Florence to Siena doing 220 km in 5h00, you have no idea of ​​the wonders we will make you discover, talking as well of the places we’ll show you and of the roads! Because if you are in Florence and enter Siena in your GPS, it will schedule a route of 75 km on a very busy main road, in 1h15. An itinerary that we would never propose you!!

A mountain road on one of our motorcycle tour in ItalyIt’s indeed the fastest, but also the least fascinating. We are not truckers, we are bikers, and more importantly, bikers on holiday! Our goal is not to arrive as soon as possible but to see the most beautiful places by taking the best motorcycle roads. Roads that would often be detestable by car while on a motorcycle, the more bends there are, the more we go up and back down, the more fun it is! Roads that also lead to handpicked splendid places which you will be spellbound by, because obviously the holiday is about discovering the gems of an amazing country.

We chose to become a tour operator specialized in motorbike trips in beautiful Italy (our country) because motorbikes and Italy are our passions. Because we know our territory well and avail on a network of biker friends in all regions to help us concoct the best routes even where we are less expert. Because we are committed to making you live the Italy of the Italians. Because our goal is excellence!

The choice of the right roads makes the difference, in Italy. Rely on the pros!


A group of bikers enjoying the roads in Trento on one of our motorcycle tour in Italy