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The importance of traveling with the “locals”

If you like to travel, you like to learn new things, expand your horizons, open your mind and discover new places. But since more often than not we travel to populated places, it also means that you like to get to know other peoples, other cultures, and wish to open your hearts by discovering other customs, traditions, lifestyles, foods and flavours …

No need for map reading with a local guideSo, what better way to really dive into the reality of another country than to be guided by someone from the area?  Someone who will make you discover his country in an authentic way, with the pride and passion that only someone born and bred there will know, with the desire to share with you the best of it and make you avoid the worst of it.

Tourists are unfortunately often easy targets for crooks, ideal preys to be deceived, whether it is to sell so-called local craft products of the lowest quality, to increase the price of services, or to get them swallowing anything – meaning as well so-called local dishes or nonsense – playing on the lack of knowledge of the place. A sad truth, but it unfortunately happens too often.

Your guide, an Italian, is there to keep you safe from the scammers, and it’s already an excellent thing. But his role is much wider. He will explain local habits and traditions, he can help you negotiate a purchase, he will advise you what to eat, what to drink, what to buy and what to see. He will be proud to tell you all about his country, its history and its people. In case of problems, he will take care of everything, so it doesn’t matter how basic your Italian is.

Of course, his role is fundamental on the road because he’s above all an expert biker, who knows hundreds of beautiful motorcycle roads in A break on a motorcycle guided tour with a local his country, and everything that revolves around them. Not only does he take the lead and you just have to follow him without worrying about reading a map or a digital route, but he sets the pace depending on the driving abilities of the group. The least experienced rider will be the one behind him, to encourage him to follow his lines. In case of a closed road, he’s able to quickly take an alternative route. In case of rain he knows how to shorten the itinerary of the day to get you quickly to the hotel. And if a group shares a special desire, he’s able to change the route (where possible) or rework the next day’s itinerary in the evening.

And then, let’s say it frankly, who isn’t tired of the thousand responsibilities and decisions we have to take on a daily basis? There’s nothing better than carefree and truly rejuvenating holidays, where the strong emotions are all exclusively due to the beautiful roads – where fun in the saddle is a given – to the splendid landscapes, the daily exquisite flavours, the pleasure of a massage in the hotel spa, the charms of a really comfortable room, and more!

Traveling on a motorbike in a foreign country with a guide has a huge added value; do it with an expert local guide, and it’s priceless!

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enjoying the views with a local guide