Motorcycle tours in Italy

Pleasure touring for Rider & Pillion

Sardinia in the time of covid

After a truly anomalous season full of frustrations for everyone – but maybe a little more for us bikers, who this year had to severely limit our rides – we need and deserve a nice revenge, don’t you think so too?

It is precisely for this reason that we have created this SPECIAL tour, which will no longer be offered in normal times, in the paradise of bikers, Sardinia. Its duration of 4 days on the go and its EXCEPTIONAL price make it an affordable treat without remorse for anyone ! With 5 dates in October 2020, this is our anti-covid, anti-depression and anti-stress gift for our biker friends who this year have had to renounce many trips!

A guided tour, to make you travel absolutely carefree, oriented on the pleasure of riding a motorcycle more than touristic, to allow you letting off steam, but still very nice for a passenger as well. Accommodation in charming hotels and “agriturismi” (3-star level).


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