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After the bad times, bring on the good ones with a motorcycle tour!

Italy has reopened its doors to European visitors 3 weeks ago, and in the past few days, several other European countries have followed suit and ended their lockdowns, as have many other countries worldwide.  In short, we have our life back, finally, and with it, motorcycle touring!  Hurrah!!

For us, we can’t pretend it hasn’t been hard!  As you can imagine, as soon as this damn virus arrived in Italy mid-February, sales were blocked straight away and until the end of the lockdown, we only recorded 2 requests and no more bookings.  It’s also true that we suspended all our marketing initiatives, considering that proposing trips to an international community during a lockdown was not only a waste of time, but also would have seemed that we were making fun of our customers. The best roads for a motorcycle tour

The majority of our sales before the pandemic were tours for April, May and June, of which 2 groups of more than 30 people, and they of course were all cancelled.

We probably would have sold many tours for July, August and September too, during these spring months, we are certain of this. Instead, we’ve had 3 months of silence, where the only contacts with customers and leads, were for cancellations.  It’s only in this past week that we are starting to timidly receive  new inquiries.

Ironically, this year was panning out to be our best yet!  Before that, we were a start-up; all beginnings are of course difficult unless you’re a millionaire!  In 2015, first year of operations, after spending 2014 creating our structure, we only had 2 customers!  As of the end of February 2020, we had record bookings compared to previous years, and as it was early in the year, these were mostly for the months we ended up in lockdown. Ha ha ha.

My goal however isn’t to get pity, there are millions of people in the world who finds themselves in the same situation as us, with little to no aid from our governments, of which in Italy, the employee is always the first to be supported.  My goal is more to invite you to not delay your dreams, and mostly to not give up on your project of a motorcycle holiday in Italy, which you’ve probably been mulling over for these past few weeks. As we’ve all noticed, life has its surprises and all can change from one day to the next unexpectedly. One of the biggest lessons from this unique experience in living memory, is that everything we delay could potentially never happen. So, spoil yourself and in the process, you will do a very good deed!!

Les amis sur un tour en moto

Against all odds, we are still here, still standing despite this storm, ready to put all of our skills and passion at your service to make you live an unforgettable experience on 2 wheels, on the roads of our amazing country, Italy.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, we have had very few sales for our guided tours of July, August, September and October 2020, some of which were cancelled because of covid restrictions still in force in our customers provenience countries, but at least one is confirmed and spaces are available on it:

We also have 10 other tours from July to the end of the 2020 season, 2 of which are from our Free Rider range, which are brand new for this year: Stelvio, Alps and Dolomites over 9 days from the 21st of July and Apulia over 8 days from the 24th of October, which only need enrolments to be confirmed!
Our Premium tours are confirmed with only 3 participants and the Free Rider range just needs 5.  Find a few friends and off you go!
We also offer self-guided tours and made to measure tours, which can be guided or not.