Motorcycle tours in Italy

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A lake in the Alps on our Top Class motorcycle tour of the Alps, northern lakes and Dolomites in Italy

Guided motorcycle tour Northern lakes, Alps and Dolomites

Map of our motorcycle tour in the Alps, Northern Lakes and Dolomites
Guided motorcycle tour Northern lakes, Alps and Dolomites

Alternatively, this can be run as a private guided tour, in which case you choose your own dates, as well as the levels of hotels and number of meals included.  Ask us for a quote!

The Alps from west to east with the Dolomites, a profusion of lakes and a hundred of passes in-between, not for the faint-hearted!

5 Unesco world heritage sites on our itinerary: Milan, Rhaetian Railway in the Albula/Bernina, The Dolomites, Mantua, Verona
  • from the 08th to the 20th ofJuly 2023

A tour to reveal nature at its full expression, traversing roads and passes of the greatest renown, from the majesty of the western Alps highest peaks to the most spectacular lakes and crags landscapes for which the Dolomites have earned the prestigious title of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

If you want to put your riding skills to the test in the mountains, amid sharp bends and major climbs and descents, then the Alps and Dolomites Tour is the trip for you. The tour par excellence for expert riders who are more interested in feeling the tarmac beneath their wheels than visiting, with fewer tourist visits but the bonus of a magnificent Alpine backdrop.

Start / end placeDurationRiding daysHotelsIncluded meals
Milan13 days
12 nights
114 stars12 breakfasts
4 lunches
8 dinners
Rest dayTotal distanceMin-max /dayTour /dayRoute grading
7: Ortisei2000 km
1245 mi.
150-230 km
95-145 mi.
6 – 8 hoursexpert

Technical direction: Lab Travel Srl – Corso di Santarosa, 19 – 12100 CUNEO – I

VAT code IT03795120108 – licensed under Decree No. 21 of 26 July 2004 in Cuneo

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