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A perfect trip is the new gift

In a rapidly evolving world, where nothing is how it was in the olden days, managing our material things in life has radically changed. Gone are the days where we were hoarders and worriers, we are more and more living for the day and, in my opinion, rightly so. If I think of my grandparents, born at the end of the 19th century, for them on every penny earned they had to put a few aside, for the “hard times”. Extreme parsimony was the usual way of life, unless your family were very wealthy.

They denied themselves all luxuries but also common goods, they kept things to an indecent level of wear and tear, they never treated themselves to anything, so that their whole existence was only one single and interminable “hard time”. And in general, people died without having enjoyed ever the fruit of their labours but leaving their children with an often surprising nest egg which could have made their life easier, from time to time. In those days, material gifts made sense: a pair of new shoes, paper and crayons, chocolate and oranges, all these things were sorely lacking in everyday life. It was at least my parents’ Christmas when they were kids.

Thank goodness times have changed and social evolution is getting faster and faster; the energy has changed and always more people get to understand that money should be used to improve our lives and not to stay in the bank. I do not condone waste, I am totally against spending money on useless things and accumulating superfluous objects, and I also think that it is necessary to cover ourselves in the event of unexpected financial issue, but not to the same extent. But above all I think that we must live life fully and in happiness, and enjoy all that the universe has to offer, with courage and audacity.

It is true that there are economic difficulties in many households, but it is equally true that the money is lacking because we are enjoying our hard-earned cash much more than in the past. And I repeat, for me it’s the right thing to do. Young people no longer have a sense of sacrifice, everyone wants well-being on a daily basis, we go out more, we dress better, we have comfortable and pleasant homes, we take care of ourselves, we spoil ourselves with little and big pleasures, we travel… Fortunately! Eventually! 

It was time for the culture of suffering to end and for humanity to learn love for themselves and enjoying life! As a result, though, the perfect gift is always more difficult to find and I would even say pointless because nowadays we buy, for ourselves and for our close ones, the things that we need when needed, throughout the year. And at Christmas as well as on special occasions, we no longer know what to offer to our loved ones!

My suggestion? Give up the material things, which are now part of everyday life, and offer emotions, experiences and dreams ! This is the philosophy that is gaining ground in my family and will always be more favoured. Just for the sake of having a present to open there still is a pyjamas under the Christmas tree, but beside it there is a ticket for a show, participation towards an event (for example the MotoGP of Misano in the best grandstand), an activity as special as a day at the spa or a riding course on a track, a romantic weekend on our bikes or, when the budget allows, a trip.

Each year we receive an increasing number of requests for tours, made to measure or standard, as a birthday present for someone, or to celebrate a significant wedding anniversary or for the 25 years of a company, but also as a honeymoon. For the bike fans, a motorcycle trip in a beautiful country like Italy is a dream come true. Think about it, it will make them very happy, especially if the experience is shared with the gift giver.

a motorcycle tour by Italy On Motorbike is a perfect gift We have guided and self-guided tours for all budgets. Take a look at our high-end Premium collection or at our weeklong self-guided tours series Free Rider ! We also offer 3 guided trail / all-terrain tours (on request) or, if you have another idea in mind, a tailor-made tour.



For Christmas, offer the perfect motorcycle trip to Italy!