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Free rider motorcycle tour, something for everyone!

We have something for everyone!

Beside many people who like the idea of a “turnkey” motorcycle tour without worries, because after all holidays are made to de-stress and have fun without having to look after anything, there are many others who live for this week or two where they can finally escape alone on their bikes – well, often their other halves or a group of friends who share their passion are welcome –  to explore at their own pace and without constraints a little corner of a country.

Going away blindly is not advisable, indeed if an adventure sounds very exciting, going blindly is just reckless. Real adventures are usually Free rider motorcycle tour, we have something for everyone!meticulously prepared over a long time, as it’s only once you have researched everything (or at least most things) that you minimise risk and can leave serenely, even if everything isn’t planned to the last detail. Because preparing and planning aren’t the same things: preparing is giving yourself the tools for the unexpected, whereby planning is spoiling the surprises along the way.

So, we don’t recommend leaving unprepared, but who likes to spend hours actually organising the journey?  What we all want is to relax and make the most of those few weeks of motorcycle touring. But for this, at least the basics need to be sorted: knowing where to go (the itineraries done) and  where to sleep (the hotels selected). That’s where we come into play.

For those bikers who want the certainty to travel the best motorcycle roads in the area that they want to explore, without missing out on the most beautiful things to see and the most beautiful panoramas, but in full autonomy, we created our range of self-guided tours Free Rider.

Free rider motorcycle tour, we have something for everyone!With this free spirit of yours in mind, we will provide you with several itineraries and it’ll be up to you to decide which one to take, depending on the weather, your tiredness or your mood.  You’ll have a choice between longer and shorter routes, whether to go through a particular place or not, or yet avoiding towns altogether and enjoying just nature. It will also be you, the free rider, who decide on the level of accommodation: more or less luxurious, hotels or B&B’s, in the countryside or in town. No matter how challenging your day program will be, you know you have a comfy room waiting for you every night.

Italy is a wonderful country which has a lot to offer. Seaside, countryside, rolling hills and mountains of many different altitudes. Towns full of culture, vineyards, medieval castles, olive groves, mountain refuges, volcanoes, salt marshes, Greek temples, Roman theatres, the Stelvio at 3000 m. The playgrounds of the jet set, like Portofino and Sorrento, the Costa Smeralda, Cortina d’Ampezzo and Taormina, and the genuine Italy of the Italians. 20 administrative regions and even more different ways of life, traditions, cuisines, local specifications… Well, enough to lose your mind trying to choose the best one!

So, trust the experts who will help you select the right tour for you, with your free rider spirit in mind!

Free rider motorcycle tour, we have something for everyone!