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an interesting offer

“Your offer is very interesting but I have to think about it!”

“There is everything I want in your project, but we’ll talk about it next year. “
“It’s really a great program, I love it, but …”

Are these phrases that you often say?

No later than yesterday, we received a similar response to an irresistible offer for a wow tailor-made tour in a dream region of beautiful Italy. And I was going to respond to this potential lost customer that I respected his point of view and would have contacted him again next year when I said to myself no, this is not the way it has to be, it did not make sense, it was pointless. And I changed my answer.

Because life is now!

How many times do we postpone decisions, things that we really want to do? We always have many excuses to justify this “after”, that “tomorrow”, those “next year”, not understanding that postponing usually means giving up! It is saying no, turning the page, throwing the project in the bin.  Afterall so many things can happen in the meantime!  You know this very well, we all do, because our lives are full of unachieved dreams and ambitions because we never went for therm when the opportunity came!

Today is real life, the only moment one controls. The future does not exist (yet) and no one knows what awaits and that’s exactly why putting projects off is giving them up.

And giving up a journey, specifically, is so painful! We work so hard all year, we swallow so many moments of stress and frustration, often with the sole thought of the reward to comfort us: holidays. Should it be you that sacrifices what you’ve been looking forward to all year?  No way!

And why, by the way?motorcycle touring in Italy

Often, we come up with the excuse of money and most of the times it is a not really true. We just have to learn how to spend for what we really like and what makes us happy. For example, I don’t believe that having a very expensive phone changes someone’s life, there are plenty of more economical and high-performing models that do their job pretty well. But making or not making a bucket list experience is something that deeply impacts one’s life. We’re no longer talking about objects now but about a life experience, about emotions, meetings, moments, joy and pleasure!  Jackpots are exactly for that, to be able to treat oneself to something really beautiful and important that will affect us and leave us beautiful memories to share with our loved ones until the end of our days.

You don’t have to think about researching, organising, preparing or booking, we take care of everything!

Or is it a question of time? Again, a bad excuse, a day or two are usually enough to fix everything, because we have already done the majority of the work right from the start to put together a proposal fit for you. Sometimes we are a little slow with the first proposal, we know and we are sorry for this, but it’s because we are travel craftsmen, who like to do things with great care and attention from the get go. In particular our tailor-made tours really are tailor-made!  So, if there is something to amend in our proposal you tell us and the next day everything is done, developed, settled … because we do all the work, not you!

Besides, that’s why you’re talking to us, isn’t it???

To avoid having to take care of your trip and leave in complete peace of mind, to be sure to travel the most beautiful roads and to go see the most beautiful corners of Italy.  But also to find really comfortable hotels for your rest and carefully selected restaurants to finally enjoy the authentic, delicious, Italian cuisine, knowing you have put yourselves in the hands of a specialist, to get the best of Italy on two wheels. It is not us who say it, but our customers, read their testimonials!

Motorcycle touring in the Dolomites Italy

When you say tomorrow, or maybe, you’re renouncing. And it’s not us that you wrong, it’s yourselves.  It is you who you are depriving of a wonderful experience in a fascinating and magical land. Do not do that! It’s like the story that has circulated for long on the web, of this woman who had bought beautiful silk lingerie and worry kept it in her drawer for a great occasion … and ended up wearing it for her funeral.

Or my very own personal story of that bottle of wine (Château d’Yquem) that my mother had offered my father for his 60th birthday and that he proudly stored, waiting for a special occasion. There were some great occasions such as his retirement, the birth of his first grandchild, or even that Christmas when it had become sadly obvious it would have been the last one with Mum, but the Château d’Yquem remained in the cellar. Until the day burglars emptied our cellar to the last bottle!

Life is now. We must live our lives every day, as long as we’re alive, as we never know what is around the corner. We have to learn to have fun, to say yes, to stop always being cautious, to go beyond this ancestral culture of suffering and sacrifice (life is a valley of tears, they used to say) and to allow ourselves to live our lives in joy and doing what we really like.

Ah, my potentially lost client realised that he was making a big mistake and this morning he booked. Welcome to Italy, JJ, you’ll have the best fun on the most beautiful motorcycle roads of a country that conquers the hearts of all those who come to discover it!

interesting offer