A Honda VFR800 on a coastal road on our Top Class motorcycle tour of Sardinia

Dream Island Sardinia

Map of our motorcycle tour in Sardnia from Alghero
Motorcycle tour Sardinia

Alternatively, this can be run as a private guided tour, in which case you choose your own dates, as well as the levels of hotels and number of meals included.  Ask us for a quote!

Island Ichnusa, heaven on earth 

1 Unesco world heritage site on our itinerary: Su Nuraxi di Barumini
  • from the 04th to the 14th of May 2020

  • from the 18th the 28th of September 2020

An unforgettable journey in the paradise of riders amid perfect bends, dream beaches, pristine nature … and the antique and mysterious Nuragic civilization that dwelled in Sardinia during the Bronze Age and very many remains of which are found all over the territory. Not to mention the tasty and delicious Sardinian cuisine, together with the outstanding sheep cheese (pecorino) and the excellent wines produced on an island where quality of life is still pretty much a synonym of genuineness. 

Start / end placeDurationRiding daysHotelsIncluded meals
Alghero11 days
10 nights
94 stars
6 hotels

10 breakfasts
4 lunches
6 dinners
Rest dayTotal distanceMin-max /dayTour /dayRoute grading
7: Arbatax1700 km
1055 mi.
190-260 km
120-160 mi.
6 – 8 hoursmoderate

More about the tour

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Sardinia tour best motorcycle tour sardinia beaches Alghero Sardinia roadtrip


A motorcycle journey in Sardinia is a life experience and a little foretaste of paradise. Fantastic twisty roads, highly gripping tarmac, amazing landscapes, pristine nature and wonderful colors make it a dream destination for bikers. The marvelous crystal-clear sea of Sardinia lacks nothing compared to the exotic dream places we all long to travel to for heavenly holidays.

Sardinia, with its pink, gray and black velvet roads will ride with you across smooth slopes and plateaus made of hundreds of magical shades of green, in absolute silence, among explosions of fragrance, light and color throughout the day till late at night.

It is a land blessed by the sun, whose generous rays warm people, traditions and landscapes, all unique and without any blots to distract the traveler’s gaze. A land where friendship and hospitality are as old as the Nuragic, Phoenician, and Roman civilizations that can be seen and felt everywhere.

Indeed beside the marvelous nature it also has an enviable historical and cultural background, from the Paleolithic ages to the more recent era of the Kingdom of Italy and the contemporary colorful mural paintings depicting scenes of everyday life that adorn many Sardinian villages.

A land as mysterious as the ancient peoples that bestrode it, as bewitching as the wonderful flavors of its cuisine, as divine as the nectar of its wines, as clear as the Caribbean waters of its beaches, as free as the pure air you breathe there, and as beautiful as the top-class hotels that distinguish it.

Fascinated by the charm of this exceptional region, where roads still offer unbounded panoramas toward infinity, where there are no visitors – only brothers and sisters – we have decided to give pride of place to Sardinia in our tour program, focusing on one thing only: offering you a dream-come-true holiday!

Tour program details

Day 1: Meeting in Alghero
Individual arrival of participants at our hotel in Alghero. Those who have booked a rental bike shall go and pick-up their machine from the rental point by the end of the afternoon. You’ll meet the Italy On Motorbike staff, who brings up the group from Milan, on the next morning at the hotel. Our suggestion for today is an excursion to the Neptune Cave by boat from the port of Alghero, or the visit of the Anghelu Ruju necropolis with a stop for a tasting at the Sella & Mosca winery (the biggest wine producer of Sardinia) and of course a stroll in the enchanting historic center of Alghero with its maze of Spanish-styled streets.
Overnight in 4-star hotel in Alghero; included meals: D.

Day 2: 190 km
Merging with the group arriving from Milan in the morning at the hotel. After a short briefing we begin our Sardinian wandering along panoramic coastal roads and exciting mountain routes, looking for lakes and prehistoric remains. It’s properly in the valley of nuraghes along exhilarating twisting roads in the hinterland that we’ll visit our first nuraghe before riding back to the enchanting Catalan town of Alghero. Chilling out after dinner with a stroll to savor the charming Catalan historic center is a must.
Overnight in 4-star hotel in Alghero; included meals: B,D.

Day 3: 190 km
Today is about relishing the biking paradise that is Sardinia in all its glory. We take in some classic bikers’ routes with an archeological theme, heading southwards. An itinerary made of exhilarating motorcycling roads, wandering among the many fascinating villages painted with murales, another typical Sardinian feature, like real open-air galleries, and some Roman history.
Overnight in 4-star hotel in Guspini; included meals: B, D.

Day 4: 220 km
During a superb ride in the back country, we visit the most important nuraghe in the world (a Unesco world heritage site). It’s the second time that we mention nuraghe and I’m sure you’re wondering what it is … A construction with more than a hint of mystery about it! You’ll find out more on the spot.  And then we have our first encounter with the mountainous landscapes of Gennargentu Park, named after the island’s highest peak.
Overnight in 4-star hotel in Guspini; included meals: B,D.

Day 5: 200 km
A full day awaits with visits to two of Sardinia’s most unmissable sites: one of the most important Phoenician-Punic settlements and a cave whose crystalline formations are virtually unique in Europe. There are some great riding roads here, as used by the leading motorbike manufacturers (including Aprilia and BMW) to film their TV adverts and as test routes. Lunch in a typical restaurant. We’ll conclude the day in the enchanting Sardinian main town Cagliari and would suggest you to have an aperitif in the old castle district, on the bastions, then a nice dinner in the picturesque harbour streets and finish the evening with some night life at the Poetto, Cagliari’s beach and disco area.
Overnight in 4-star hotel in Cagliari;  included meals: B, L.

Day 6: 210 km
More classic roads and breathtaking coastal scenery lie in wait, with further fascinating remains of ancient civilizations, before we head over to the eastern coast. A wow day with typical Sardininan lunch on the go.
Overnight in 4-star hotel in Arbatax; included meals: B, L, D.

Day 7: 0 – … km
After 7 days on the bike you deserve a rest day to be spent as you like. We recommend to spend the rest days off the bike and give your body some relief. Hereunder just three proposals for a relaxing day:

  • stay in our seaside hotel and enjoy the beach, the pool, the sauna … whatever takes your fancy
  • take a boat trip to the Bue Marino Grotto (named after the monk seal or “sea ox”) and have a dip in Sardinia’s three most famous coves, reachable only by water
  • marvel at the unique creations by motorcycle-sculptor-cum-engineer Giordano Loi. We then take a guided tour of a Sardinian goldsmith’s studio (with a demonstration of the filigree work at which the islanders excel) . But this option will require a short transfer by bike!

Overnight in 4-star hotel in Arbatax; included meals: B. No main meal is included  so this rest day is your oyster from early morning until late.

Day 8: 260 km
Another superb tour beckons out north-east. What’s better after a relaxed day than a great ride on the mythical Orientale Sarda, stopping at the delightful seaside enclave of Cala Gonone, followed by a typical shepherds’ lunch in the hinterland  heights and another fantastic twisty road afterwards, to help you digest, before reaching our last hotel in Sardinia on the famous Emerald Coast.
Overnight in 4-star hotel in area Olbia; included meals: B, L.

Day 9: 240 km
With so many kilometres in our wheels we need to reload our batteries, first exploring the most glamorous contemporary resorts of the famous Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast), realm of the international jet set, and then, skipping back in time to mysterious Ichnusa, at the prehistoric energy centres called Giants’ Graves… Our next destination will be the wild and amazing Maddalena island before turning back to our hotel on the nth fantastic bikers’ road.
Overnight in 4-star hotel in area Olbia; included meals: B, D.

Day 10: 190 km
That’s our last touring day, the last ode to the beautiful scenery and, as every day, to the fantastic motorcycle roads of this enchanting land. We go for a ride through the moonscape scenery of Valle della Luna and pay a last visit to the charming town of Castelsardo before returning to Alghero where the group will part and we say our goodbyes. Indeed, while those who have chosen to start and finish the tour in Milan reach Porto Torres to embark, participants to this shorter version get back to the hotel in Alghero where the tour started from. Those who have hired the bike will have to go and drop if off at the rental point. Dine where you please in Alghero.
Overnight in 4-star hotel in Alghero; included meals: B, L.

Day 11: Departure from Alghero
After breakfast it’s everyone for himself, free to go home or explore further the magic of Italy on your own. There are plenty of opportunities to continue your trip that we can help you planning!
Included meals: B.

Price per person for this 11-day and 10-night tour: 

FROM 2,990.00 Euro  with your own motorcycle
FROM 3,535.00 Euro  with a rental BMW F700GS

Prices for minimum 3 motorcycles signed up by departure time. Yet we guarantee all departures, even for one person only.

All our guided tours are limited editions for a maximum of 12 bikes to guarantee a major pleasure in riding as well as the safety of the group. An Italian Tour Leader (who speaks English and French) will accompany you all along this TOP CLASS journey, thus granting you the carefreeness of a real holiday. Specifically, the personnel traveling with the group is:  

  • tour leader on his own motorcycle who leads up the way
  • luggage van with a minimum of 6 participants.

The price also includes:

  • registration fees, branded tee-shirt, pictures and videos of the tour
  • basic assistance, medical and luggage insurance that covers both rider and passenger
  • typical Italian style aperiti


  • 10 nights en-suite accommodation in classy 4-star hotels or prestigious locations picked up for their charms and position, with fantastic buffet breakfasts
  • 6 delicious dinners the which menu is specifically chosen to guide you through a voyage into the the authentic Italian cuisine, in hotel or external restaurant at walking distance
  • 4 super lunches in typical restaurants or trattoria renowned for their local specialties

The price does not include:

  • motorcycle operation costs
  • all not specifically mentioned meals and drinks at meals but water
  • extras and tourist tax in hotels
  • entrance tickets in monuments/natural sites, etc – all visits are optional
  • transfer to the first hotel upon arrival and from the last hotel when departing – available on request
  • anything not specified in “The price includes”

ON REQUEST vast choice of motorbikes for hire of brands Ducati, BMW, Harley Davidson, Moto Guzzi, etc … with top case + 2 side cases

ON REQUEST shipment of luggage via express forwarder 

Technical direction: Lab Travel Srl – Corso di Santarosa, 19 – 12100 CUNEO – I

VAT code IT03795120108 – licensed under Decree No. 21 of 26 July 2004 in Cuneo

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