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Nicolas – Switerland

First of all, I wanted to thank you for having crafted for us a very pleasant stay in Sardinia!

The roads that you proposed us were splendid. Low traffic and breathtaking scenery!

The hotels were also up to standard, welcoming, comfortable, well placed  and with good breakfasts! Thank you also for your responsiveness and your valuable advice!

The only problem I have encountered is bound to the use of my Iphone as a GPS. One thing I did not think about (and that I should have tested before) is that when an Iphone are exposed to the sun and high temperatures (between 30 and 36 degrees in Sardinia), its screen may dramatically drop in brightness. Or even turn off. Here is something to know to prevent the phone from overheating.

As a result, my screen was sometimes no longer readable and I had to drive, most of the time, without eye indications. Fortunately I could rely on my friend’s phone, which was unaffected. Otherwise I could not have followed the routes and the trip would have been laborious.

So if I shall travel again with Italy on Motorbike, I will take with me a “real” GPS (as long as you supply the routes on that format).

Actually I am very tempted to repeat the experience as soon as possible, in Sardinia, or in other destinations in Italy. And be sure that I will speak of you to my friends 🙂

Best regards,

Nicolas – Switzerland 

Our answer to the question of the readability of Sygic on Iphone by high temperatures:

It’s our turn to say a big thank you for choosing our Classic Sardinia tour for your motorcycle vacation on this beautiful island that we call – and now you can confirm it is – the bikers’ paradise. The satisfaction of our customers is our pride and our reward for all the huge work necessary to organize motorcycle holidays that leave their mark ! We are delighted to receive a new confirmation that our work, done with passion above all, but also with expertise and thoroughness, has once again made some people happy! This is exactly the result we want to offer to all bike enthusiasts who trust us to concoct for them a superb trip on two wheels in beautiful Italy.

Of course GPS for motorcycles are an excellent solution, and indeed we offer serially the self-guided tours itineraries in 3 formats: Garmin, Tom Tom and Sygic for Android (or just only in format Sygic for IOS because we must use a different software to create the digital files for Iphone).
Yet for those who rent the bike taking a rental GPS is an extra cost while Sygic turns any smart phone into a perfect GPS for a very modest expense. And it’s very easy to use while downloading complex routes on a GPS requires to know the procedure.

Our advice to any rider is to equip the own helmet with an intercom system that not only allows communication with the pillion or even with other riders, provided they  wear helmets with intercom, but also to connect the headset audio to the phone, as well to make and receive calls, and to hear the vocal instructions from the satnav.
And that’s very important, even for the use of a “traditional” GPS, because we know that frequently watching the screen is a distraction that can be fatal, on a motorcycle much more than in a car . The voice instructions as a support to the visual indications on the screen are therefore ideal and represent the safest solution.

And to avoid the risk that the digital itineraries technology, fantastically precise but unfortunately not infallible, may prevent our moto-tourists from finding their way in case of problem, we also provide rough support maps in Google format, imprecise but sufficient to get by, to be printed before departure and keept at hand.

We wish we’ll have soon the pleasure to show you more of the “Bel Paese” on further splendid bikers’ roads winding among beautiful landscapes in Sardinia or in any other region !

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