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The importance of motorcycle rental in Italy

Our advice on motorcycle rental

So, you want to come and enjoy our twisty roads, our soothing sea views, our panoramic mountain sceneries, our delicious traditional food, our ancient history, but you can’t take your own motorcycle.?Don’t worry, Italy has an array of very good agencies offering motorcycle rental scattered all over, offering new machines from most brands.

unlike cars, the number of motorcycles available is actually very limited and in some periods definitely not enough for the demand.  It’s especially true when wanting to rent a motorcycle in spring and autumn, which are indeed the best times to ride in Italy, or during important motorcycle events, like the MotoGP, SBK or World Ducati Week. A selection of rented motorcycles in Tuscany Italy

If looking for a rental motorbike in southern Italy the situation is even worse, since there are very few agencies passed Rome and therefore the number of motorcycles for hire is very scarce.

The most popular ones, and therefore the most available, are BMW models, followed by Ducati which tend to be more expensive,  while rental Harley Davidsons are quite difficult to find. However, the availability varies from place to place, some models aren’t available at all in some parts of Italy!

So, if you do want to rent a motorcycle, it is important that you book it as much in advance as possible. The best is to book them as soon as you have your holiday dates, even before the tour itself is crafted or booked. Indeed, in the case of a made to measure tour, defining the precise itinerary, the hotels and tour package contents can be done later, in most cases. There is usually enough time for discussing and modifying your ideal tour, including the approval of the final daily itineraries, accommodations and other activities, that can even be done even a few days/weeks before your departure. Well, keep in mind that obviously the more time you give the organiser, the more the services offered will meet your requirements (as Italy is very touristic, it’s strongly advised to not wait for the last minute to book if you have specific requirements) …
But if the motorcycles aren’t available, there’ll be nothing to do but either skip the tour or rent a car !

Even a couple of days in between getting a quote from the rental agency and getting your approval for your choice of bike can mean it is no longer available. This surprisingly happens quite often and is unfortunately frustrating for both the customers and ourselves, as we aim to offer the best holiday possible, which includes touring with the vehicle of their choice and not just the last available model!

Though we often remind this to our customers, bike rental remains too often an underestimated issue. Our advice is to start to think about bike rental months in advance, especially if you are after a specific model, and not to leave too much time after receiving our quote before confirming your booking.  When talking about groups needing more than 5 bikes, consider renting them 9 months in advance, or there’ll be a risk that the tour will be in a minibus instead.  Needless to say, bike gear in a minibus is a bit cumbersome 🙂 !

Italy on Motorbike is always there to help and advise you, our aim and passion is to share the best of Italy for your dream holiday on 2 wheels!

A group of bikers in the Dolomites, taking a break by a lake on our motorcycle tour of the Dolomites in the Alps with rented motorccles