Motorcycle tours in Italy

Pleasure touring for Rider & Pillion

A groupe of bikers in front of a Roman temple on one of our motorcycle tour in Italy

Open letter to tour operators and travel agencies

Looking for new, thrilling products to offer to your clientele?

Innovation is always difficult!

First it is difficult to always have or find around new ideas, proposals that work, worthy products that save you from competition. And once you have some new winning product in your hands it is difficult to let everybody know about it. You know that people will like it but you must advertise and push the innovation because no-one requires things that we don’t know are existing!!!

Well, we have done the first thing: we have “invented” moto-tourism, high-end tours by motorcycle with a strong cultural trait and lots of pampering that she will like as much as he will, in Italy. And we are working hard to realize the second step: being visible, letting people know, contacting our potential clientele.

Now, dear travel agent, how many of your customers are motorcyclists, but you just don’t know? How many of them would love to have an opportunity to visit another country in the saddle, IF ONLY they knew the right roads to take to have fun, where to go, what to do, how to speak, … in a word if only someone else would take the burden of organizing the whole itinerary including lots of exhilarating bikers’ roads, amazing landscapes, beautiful places to see … and the right, really charming accommodations plus the right, really tasty meals? And, obviously, IF ONLY they knew this service existed!

Organizing a touristic motorcycle tour is a huge amount of work, but going on a touristic motorcycle tour without having organized it is often very disappointing and utmost stressing. Indeed 1 road out of the 10 that, in Italy, connect point A to point B is good and fun to be ridden by motorcycle: the other 9 have a bad surface, they never end while offering no view, remaining in the right direction means not missing the small lane on the left, hidden by the bushes …  and the pleasure turns into anxiety, fatigue and stressing timing overruns.

Choosing the wrong vs the right road

We know our country, as Italians, as bikers and as travel lovers. We know the right roads, amazing places to see in and out of the beaten track, we have personally tested hundreds of “trattorie” and restaurants, of hotels and “agriturismi”, ridden thousands of km on the Italian country roads and have so gathered a precious heritage that we put at the disposal of our motorcycle passionate friends from all around the world who would love to tour Italy in the saddle without bitter disappointment (for having missed the right … something, that was only a small distance away from the wrong one they have chosen) but with the certainty that everything is being done to offer them an unforgettable, fantastic holiday that  unites their biggest passions: riding, touring and sight-seeing, Italy, their special one …

Most people would never go around by motorcycle on their own in a foreign country: there are too many “risk” factors, it is too complicated to organize, finding the information to put together a really worthy route is hard, they don’t know what to do with their luggage, where to rent a bike, etc, etc …
Well, we do all this heavy, “dirty” work and our customers just have to … enjoy!
All our tours are escorted, this means we offer not only the organization but also, very important, a strong link with the local reality for there is no better way to get to know the real soul of a place than visiting it with (prepared) locals. And this means assistance, whatever happens, safety on the road, someone in charge to solve any problem that may arise on or off the bike. Also see points 2 to 4 of our FAQs.

Escorted motorcycle tours are no low cost holidays because they involve a high number of staff and vehicles for a low number of customers. But for sure for many of your customers who are motorcyclists this type of holiday represents a dream that they will strongly want to come true, once they know that this opportunity exists!!!! Will you be their savior angel?

On top of Etna vulcano – Sicily – Italy