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A Sunday ride out to a motorcycle festival in a medieval village on top of a hill

Sunday ride-outs in Italy

A Sunday ride out to the Benelli museum in Pesaro during the Benelli dayEvery year between April and October, we put some serious kilometres on our odometers with our customers, taking them far and wide in our beautiful country, helping them to discover the best of Italy, from the best roads, to the best sceneries.  When we’re not taking them on their dream holidays, what do we do? Well, we ride. Either scouting new roads to improve our routes or develop better tours, like the new Milan to Rome tour, or simply on a Sunday ride out with friends!

We are based in Emilia-Romagna, a very central region giving us an enormous choice of roads, either in the plains, hills or mountains. In a day, it’s quite possible to cross the width of the country, or simply head north or south, in search of the perfect tarmac and the most inviting program.A Sunday ride out to the Moto Guzzi World Club of Rimini rally

Indeed, the beauty of Italy is the number of villages, often medieval at the top of a hill or mountain, which remain fairly unchanged in the centuries and which organise “sagra” over week-ends. There’s always a place somewhere where you can find a street party or a fair to celebrate one thing or another, often food such as truffles or chestnuts, some local specialty, or wine, but also historical festivities and even vintage bike jumbles!

A Sunday ride out ending with a plate of truffleThere’s also a vast number of motorcycle clubs, who pretty much all year round organise “raduno”, aka a rally, which often includes a lot of eating, drinking, music, fun and riding!

So, our Sundays are full of choice for riding, either with friends who help us explore new roads, with a club of classic motorcycles, for a bit of history, or simply on our own.  And always to go and enjoy good weather, great roads and at the end destination, food!  A Sunday wouldn’t be complete without a great meal of traditional food, shared with a table full of friends!


A Sunday ride out, ending with lunch with friends