A restaurant by the sea offering top class service, best way to spend a rest day on our motorcycle tour in Italy

Rest days – our philosophy

A clear turquoise sea on our top class motorcycle tour in ItalyItaly on Motorbike was created with a deep passion to offer our guests a taste of the real Italy on 2 wheels. We aim to offer you the best and carefree holiday, so that you can have that all important rest, away from everything, whilst enjoying everything that Italy has to offer; from great roads, ancient cultures, architectural wonders, amazing scenery and why not a bit of shopping or lazing in the sun! End of day on our motorcycle tour in Italy, with a bit of lazing in the sun

This is even more so on our Top Class selection of tours, which are proposed exclusively guided and as their name implies, offer top quality and class services, so that you only have to get on your motorcycle and enjoy the roads and scenery, without getting lost or having to deal with any issues on the road (such as a breakdowns, road closures or traffic for example).  Even off the motorcycle, we’ll ensure you have everything you need.

Not only you will stay in charming 4 star hotels, as close to the town centre as possible, so as to be able to enjoy a night out on the town without the bike, but we also take the headache out of finding a good restaurant for lunch or dinner, to help you discover local traditional food, as a delicious meal of authentic Italian cuisine in handpicked restaurants and trattoria is included every day.

On top of that, we offer time off the bike, where you decide what to do:  visit a city or monument, enjoy some peace and quiet by the pool at your hotel, see a show, visit a factory, take a cooking course or simply enjoy a bit of tourism and take the sights in!

A local traditional dish of sea urchin on our motorcycle tour in ItalyTo us, our Top Class tours mean not only having the best time on the bike, but also a top quality time off it, for a complete mental and physical rest.  What better way to resource yourself!?

From our shortest tours of 8 days, like our motorcycle tour from Milan to Rome, to our longest of 16 days, like our motorcycle tour Italia Bella, you will have time to yourself, from a few hours to a couple of days.  So why not tell us how you would prefer to relax?



A beautiful sunset taken with a glass of white wine to end perfectly our motorcycle tour in Italy