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Three new off-road tours for Maxi Enduro motorbikes

Three new tours by Italy On Motorbike: our off-road line for Maxi Enduro motorbikes

2018 starts with three new motorcycle adventure tours in Italy. To offer you always new and different emotions, last winter we decided to give full vent to our passions and off we went to test some areas of Italy in search of the most exciting dirt bike routes. and after many days of pure fun spent in Piedmont, Sardinia and Tuscany, we are now ready to share our experience with you.

This is how our passion for off-road has led to the conception of three tours, with few comforts and lots of adventure, dedicated to lovers of the maxi enduro genre who want to try their hand at challenging dirt roads and getting to where just few have arrived. Three completely different worlds are enclosed in these three tours. From the top of the Piedmont heights the wonderful landscapes as far as the eye can see over the Alps in the first tour, from the Siena Apennine ridges (Crete Senesi) and the Val d’Orcia to the wonderful expanses of the Tuscan hills in the second one, and from the Gennargentu Park the spectacular and impervious descents from mountains to the Sardinian coast in the third one, all granting strong but completely different emotions.

Off-Road Enduro Motorcycle Tour ItalyOff-road tour Alps and sea in north-western Italy
A tour straddling the western Alps between Piedmont, France and along the Ligurian sea cliffs to continue on the ancient salt routes (traveled by mule to transport salt from the time of Charlemagne) that climb up the Alps from the sea and finally ends in glory, on the roof of the world, along the Cannons roads (a set of paths, mule tracks and roadways that united the border fortifications between Italy and France).
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Off-road tour Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany
A tour along the off-road paths that straddle the Apennines (mountain chain that separates Emilia-Romagna from Tuscany) and the faster hilly dirt roads in the most beautiful area of Tuscany, starting from the route of the legendary Eroica (an old time bicycle race on dirt roads) to continue on the Siena ridges (Crete Senesi) and amid the Chianti vineyards and hills covered with olive groves.

Off-road tour Sardinia
A tour in the wild and authentic nature, straddling from the green of the Mediterranean scrub and the woods of Mount Gennargentu park with its many descents towards the turquoise and the emerald waters of the unspoiled sea of Sardinia. All immersed in the millenarian agropastoral culture of a genuine and very hospitable population.


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