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Motorcycle tourism for Italy On Motorbike equals great visiting plus great riding !

I sometimes happen to watch the Italian TV show called Dreams Road dedicated to motorcycle tourism, but not often. Because it is dispappointing. Indeed, it appears as a reportage of a motorcycle trip in a given, deserving area of the world and always presents very well all the treasures of the place, turning out a real temptation to go and visit it, but what is utmost astounding to me is that the fact that the journey is on a motorbike seems totally unconsequential! In fact, not only the presenters are rarely filmed astride their bikes, but often those short footages show uninteresting stretches of flat and straight roads, even though the area might be packed with lots of exhilarating winding roads amid amazing landscapes. In a word, it appears as a fantastic program to promote magnificent territories all over the world, but it barely shows off how exciting, playful, uniquely emotional it is touring it specifically by motorcycle.

If the itinerary is scheduled so to just bind one place with the next one by the shortest way, what is the sense of travelling by bike? If this were everyone’s idea of moto-tourism, a company like ours would be totally meaningless. Yes of course visiting must be great, but so must be riding! In our concept of moto-tourism, as important as the destinations (or even more for many) is the journey! Having fun in the saddle! If not, why doing it by motorcycle? In the end a car is more comfortable than a motorcycle, except that in Italy there is a big problem of overcrowded roads and frequent traffic jams that two wheels brilliantly solve.

To us, as motorcyclists specialized in motorcycle tourism, there is no dream itinerary unless the roads themselves are dream roads. In Italy you’ll always have a choice of 10 or even 20 different itineraries to connect point A to point B, not just one road. Our know-how is having tested them for you and chosen the most exhilarating ones for motorcycles, with amazing landscapes, lots of bends, pleasant ups and downs and the best possible tarmac. Our know-how is making the whole journey enthralling and exciting, off and on the bike. Our know-how is selecting equivalent destinations out of the beaten track, under consideration of the route: why choosing a given old burg that can be reached only by mediocre routes if another, just as marvelous old burg is situated along a wonderful, twisty country road?

You share our concept? So have a look at our 2018 program. And please spread the word!