Bad food in Italy … it is possible !!! 

You would’nt believe it but just like in every other place, good food should not be taken for granted even in Italy!

We, Italians, are lucky, we live in an amazing country where life is smoother than in many other places! La Dolce Vita is something many foreigners are dreaming of, and eating well is a fundamental element of the Italian way of life.
Italians worship good food. They love eating and talking about eating, restaurants, recipes. And they effectively cook. Meals are usually taken sitting at the table, the whole family together, and deciding the menu is an important theme of conversation every single day. If in some home the ritual question “What shall we have for lunch / dinner today?” is not being asked every morning, it is only because the person in charge of the kitchen is an expert chef who perfectly knows how to please the own family with hearty and well-prepared meals. Obviously I would lie if I said that modern life tyrannical schedules do not affect the relation of Italians with food. Indeed microwave ovens and deep frozen meals are widely spread here too, yet in most homes at least once in a day someone will show religious devotion in caringly preparing some really mouth-watering dish.

In a word, in Italy food is a serious issue !
And because we are used to excellence we are very good at recognizing quality. Our well-trained palate distinguishes easily between mediocre and good, and between good and outstanding.

But as I wrote above, it is possible even in Italy not to eat well. Yes indeed, and surprisingly not so rarely …
Like in every place that attracts millions of visitors, beside the multitude of places that offer tasty, delicious, spellbinding genuine Italian cuisine there are also loads of tourist traps that serve from just-eatable to definitely-awful dishes, cheating their clientele as well on the quality and the authenticity of the food, in addition to making an attempt on their wallet.

Don’t allow these stove charlatans to ruin your Italian holiday! We are fully aware that who comes to Italy deservedly expects an amazing food experience, reason why we wanted the discovery of the authentic Italian gastronomy to be a fundamental asset of our high-end motorcycle tours. Indeed we include one super meal of delicious, genuine Italian cuisine per day in all our TOP CLASS tours !
And I am not talking of hotel half-board (which is often just feeding people and nothing more). Not talking either of entering the first restaurant found on the way as soon as hunger shows up. I am talking of a delicious 3 or 4-course meal offered in maniacally hand-picked places that we have tested and approved in order to spare you bad surprises!

Italy On Motorbike, experience Italy with us like you never could on your own !