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Amalfi Coast and Sicily

Rome and Latium, Naples, Amalfi, volcanos Vesuvius and Etna, Taormina

The Eternal City and the Roman Castles; Sorrento, Naples and the Amalfi Coast; and a complete tour of beautiful Sicily with the Valley of the Temples and the Etna volcano, its hundreds of Baroque churches and its villages of white stone. A colourful trip to discover the sea, the coastal roads, the classic Roman and Greek civilizations through the archaeological sites of Pompeii and the Magna Graecia, and the extraordinary nature of the most peculiar island in Italy.

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A splendid tour amid history, sea, colours and art, ranging between two strong cultures, the Neapolitan one and the Sicilian one. An unparalleled journey through unique fragrances, flavours and panoramas, on top of which you’ll have the chance to discover two of the most traditional and delicious Italian cuisines that gave life to dishes known in the entire world.

naples amalfi coast tour sicily escorted tours southern italy motorbike touring

The awesome Amalfi Coast
where mountains embrace the sea, with its colourful houses which paint the hills and its lovely fishermen villages, represents one of the most popular destination by visitors from all over the world coming to relax and enjoy the charm of the most beautiful, spectacular and typical Italy.

As for sunny Sicily, the biggest island of the Mediterranean sea, it’s an astonishing place. Through the centuries it has endured every kind of invasion: from the Greeks to the Romans, the Arabians and the Normans, who all together made of it what it is today: a place with an incomparable, eclectic culture and a very peculiar allure. With its many architectural styles, its gorgeous landscapes, its strong personality and the amazing sight of the erupting Etna, Sicily is an island like no other.

  • Amalfi Coast and Sicily motorcycle tour pack

    Start /end place


    Riding days


    Included meals


    16 days
    15 nights


    4 stars
    10 hotels
    2 ships

    13 breakfasts
    6 lunches
    9 dinners

    Rest days

    Total distance

    Min-max /day

    Tour /day

    Route grading

    6: Castellam.
    13: Naples

    2400 km
    1490 mi.

    130-250 km
    80-155 mi.

    6 – 8 hours


    10 Unesco world heritage sites on our itinerary: the Amalfi Coast, mount Etna, Naples, Piazza Armerina, Pompeii, Rome, the Royal Palace of Caserta, the Noto valley, the Temples valley (Agrigento), Villa d’Este (Tivoli)

    Price of this 16-day and 15-night tour:

    • from 4,338.00 Euro per person
    Inclusive of beautiful 4-star accommodation and one super meal per day.
  • Amalfi Coast and Sicily motorcycle tour program details

    An intense tour starting in Rome, that brings us on the discovery of the beauties of the coast, first in Lazio and then in Campania with a 5-day rambling on the amazing Amalfi Coast, the Pompeii archaeological site and the romantic gulf of Naples before reaching gorgeous and fascinating Sicily by boat.

    Day 1: Meeting in Rome (Roma)
    We meet in the afternoon in our hotel in Rome and go together to pick up the rental bikes. We all meet up before dinner for a short but important briefing, the time to explain a few simple rules for organizing and synchronizing things, thus ensuring that everyone has a safe holiday that is unforgettable for all the right reasons. Then we’ll break the ice and start forging some group spirit over a classic Italian pre-dinner aperitivo.
    Overnight in 4-star hotel in Rome; included meals: D.

    Day 2: 240 km
    Today we’re touring southern Lazio. We’ll be meandering through the Colli and Castelli Romani, exploring Albano’s fine Roman cistern (the largest in Europe still in use) and the volcanic lakes at Nerni and Albano, overlooked by the Pope’s summer residence of Castel Gandolfo. After a stop to admire the view from Rocca Massima, an exhilarating woodland route winds its way towards the Lazio coast, where we spend the night in the gorgeous little seaside town of Sperlonga.
    Overnight in 4-star hotel in Sperlonga/Gaeta; included meals: B, L.

    Day 3: 225 km
    Just a few miles further on, we come to one of the world’s most romantic areas: the splendid region of Campania. Today’s ride is all about exploring its back roads. We pay a visit to Caserta and its sumptuous Royal Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site built for King Charles of Naples, founder of the Italian branch of the Royal House of Bourbon. He wanted it to rival in opulence with the Palace of Versailles in France, and he seems to have succeeded. We venture on up the slopes of Vesuvius along more great biking roads to enjoy spectacular views from the top over Pompeii and the entire Bay of Naples. Finally, we cross the Sorrento peninsula to arrive on the incomparable Amalfi coast (another UNESCO World Heritage Site), where we spend the night.
    Overnight in 4-star hotel in Salerno; included meals: B, D.

    Day 4: 130 km
    This is one amazing day, as we take it slow, to enjoy every nook and cranny of this legendary coastline, including lunch with a view n a traditional Amalfi coast restaurant. Then we loop back to Naples, where we’ll leave the bikes in our staff’s capable hands while you have a relaxed explore around the old centre. The massive Mastio Angioino castle towering over the harbour is well worth a visit. We sail for Sicily at about 8pm
    Overnight on board in double en-suite cabin; included meals: B, L. Neither dinner, to be taken on board, nor breakfast on the next morning are included.

    Day 5: 165 km
    After rolling back on to dry land in Palermo, we make for Monreale for our first breakfast on Sicilian soil. We also visit the superb old town (founded by the Normans in the 11th century) and its beautiful UNESCO World Heritage listed cathedral. Then we head for the hills, on the trail of our first piece of ancient Magna Graecia, as we climb the eponymous mountain to visit splendid Erice and soak up the unbeatable view from Zingaro nature reserve all the way to Marsala.
    Overnight in 4-star hotel in Castellammare del Golfo; included meals: L, D.

    Day 6: 0 – … km
    This is our first day of well-earned rest. And what better place than the area with the best beaches in Sicily. You could catch some rays on the beautiful sands of Castellammare del Golfo, visit the historic tuna fishery in Scopello, or explore Zingaro nature reserve just a few km away. Our staff and everyone at the hotel are on hand to help you enjoy your free day to the full, with or without wheels.
    Overnight in 4-star hotel in Castellammare del Golfo; included meals: B. No main meal is included so this rest day is your oyster from early morning until late.

    Day 7: 220 km
    Today a new chapter opens with a radical change of scene, as we cross Sicily north to south. This is real biking country! We breeze through olive groves and vineyards en route to the Belice valley, with the surreal ghost town landscape of Poggioreale, and dive into the world of “Cinema Paradiso” (best foreign film at the 1990 Oscars). The last leg of the day brings us to Agrigento’s mystical Valley of the Temples (another UNESCO World Heritage Site).
    Overnight in 4-star hotel in Agrigento; included meals: B, D.

    Day 8: 195 km
    Today promises another fascinating historical feast. We visit the Villa Romana del Casale, an early-4th-century villa and UNESCO site with huge, exceptionally well-preserved mosaics that wouldn’t disgrace an imperial Roman palace, in the lovely town of Piazza Armerina. Then we hit the road again, bound for Val di Noto and its fine UNESCO-listed late-baroque towns (Noto, Scicli, Modica, Catania, Ragusa, Caltagirone, Palazzolo and Militello in Val di Catania). Just why does this area have the finest crop of late-baroque townhouses in Europe? Although all these centres had existed since the Middle Ages, they were rebuilt to suit late 17th-century tenets of architecture, decoration and urban design after a catastrophic earthquake reduced them to rubble in 1693. We start in Caltagirone, the hub of the island’s ceramics trade, before pottering up all 130 metres of the Santa Maria del Monte steps and then pushing southwards along roads steeped in Sicilian atmosphere as far as beautiful Ragusa Ibla.
    Overnight in 4-star hotel in Ragusa; included meals: B, D.

    Day 9: 230 km
    Today we explore the heart of Val di Noto, in a heady mix of art, cinema, natural beauty, roads dug in the rock, and even chocolate. We motor through canyons, towns and villages that have set the scene for films like Malena and TV’s Inspector Montalbano. We visit Modica, famed for its chocolate and its 100 churches, Val di Noto (a UNESCO gem) and the town of Noto itself, before making our way into the charming city of Siracusa (UNESCO again). From there, a last push before overnighting in our hotel at the foot of the volcano.
    Overnight in 4-star hotel in the area of the Etna volcano; included meals: B, D.

    Day 10: 170 km
    Etna is a rarity in Europe – an active volcano – and this morning is all about its magnificent yet surreal lunar landscapes, which have earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. We also take in Taormina, that famous town of worldly delights, with its Greek theatre perched above the sea. Back in the saddle, a rollercoaster ride on some classic woodland roads whisks us from the Ionian Sea to the Tyrrhenian, via the beautiful town of Novara di Sicilia, as we draw closer to Etna once again.
    Overnight in 4-star hotel in the area of the Etna volcano; included meals: B, D.

    Day 11: 240 km
    Get ready for some serious riding in the mountains and by the sea. We’ll be riding up and down the byways of the Nebrodi Mountains national park and through the Madonie Mountains in the tracks of the historic Targa Florio motor race. We pause for lunch in a friendly traditional restaurant before pressing on to see another Sicilian gem: Cefalù. This beautiful town with its magnificent Norman cathedral is our last stop before we duck into Palermo for a brief look round on the way to the evening ferry back to Naples.
    Overnight on board in double en-suite cabin; included meals: B, L. Neither dinner, to be taken on board, nor breakfast on the next morning are included.

    Day 12: 140 km
    After disembarking and a swift breakfast in one of Italy’s finest bars-cum-cake shops, we visit the legendary archaeological site of Pompeii before exploring the wonders of the Bay of Naples. And there are quite a few. From the artistic marvels of the Campi Flegrei – like the Piscina Mirabilis, the spa at Baiae, and the Flavian amphitheatre with its remarkable underground passages – to natural gems like the spa at Agnano Terme and the famous Solfatara, the volcanic crater with its still active lava lake that you can see up close. And it’s all garnished with the colours and traditions of Posillipo and the Vomero area, with spectacular views of Naples and its bay.
    Overnight in 4-star hotel in Naples; included meals: L, D.

    Day 13: 0 – … km
    It’s time for another day off, and we recommend leaving the bikes in the garage. Our staff and everyone at the hotel are on hand to help you make the most of your freedom. Here are just a few ideas:

    • Spend the day roaming the streets of Naples, the Bourbon capital with its baroque allure, its museums and fortresses, its piazzas and alleys of unforgettable charm
    • Go shopping and people-watching among the great Neapolitan public
    • Take a break from the heat by investigating the city’s underground catacombs
    • Explore the famous and fabulous islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, true home of the dolce vita.

    Overnight in 4-star hotel in Naples; included meals: B. No main meal is included so this rest day is your oyster from early morning until late.

    Day 14: 230 km
    Another amazing day awaits – but aren’t they all? – as we start winding our way back to Rome. After a quick burst on the motorway to get clear of Naples, we’ll stop for another fine example of Italian baroque before heading straight for beautiful Anagni. For lunch, we pause in a typical trattoria on the Campania–Lazio border.
    Overnight in 4-star hotel in Anagni; included meals: B, L.

    Day 15: 210 km
    Our last full day rounds off the tour in style. We have a biker’s delight of a route for you – all bendy and scenic – with two stand-out stops: the first in Subiaco for the Monastery of St Benedict and St Scholastica’s Abbey, the second in Villa d’Este, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In between, there’s a visit to Castel di Tora and deep-blue Lake Turano to enjoy. In the late afternoon, we return to the hotel in Rome where we began, before taking the hire bikes back. A lavish lunch in the capital provides a fitting end to our adventure together.
    Overnight in 4-star hotel in Rome; included meals: B, D.

    Day 16: Farewells in Rome
    We say our goodbyes after breakfast, leaving you free to go home or explore further the magic of Italy on your own. If you’d like to see more of Italy, let us know, and we can organise a tailor-made extension to your holiday.
    Included meals: B.

  • Amalfi Coast and Sicily motorcycle tour pricing details

    All our tours are limited editions for a maximum of 12 bike teams.
    We guarantee all departures, even with one person only.

    Services and staff included in the price vary according to the final total number of participants.

    Price in Euro per person for this 16-day, 15-night tour:

    Rider in shared double/twin room
    (reference price)


    Pillion in shared double/twin room
    reference price minus 20%

    € 3,856.00

    Rider in single room
    reference price plus 15%

    € 5,543.00

    The above prices refer to a minimum of 3 motorcycles (or bike teams) enrolled by departure time.

    In case only 1 or 2 bikes should have enrolled on a tour, then booking is not binding and participants will autonomously decide whether they confirm their participation against payment of a supplement, or they renounce completely free of charge, in which case all sums already paid are entirely refunded.

    Included staff:

    To ensure the utmost attention to each traveler as well as the safety of the group we proudly offer fully escorted tours only. Specifically, the personnel traveling with the group is:

    • with 1 to 4 bikes:
      • tour leader on his own motorcycle who opens the motorcycle line
    • with 5 to 6 bikes:
      • tour leader on his own motorcycle who opens the motorcycle line
      • luggage van with chauffeur
    • with 7 to 12 bikes:
      • tour leader on his own motorcycle who opens the motorcycle line
      • rearguard steward on his own motorcycle who brings up the rear
      • luggage van with chauffeur
    All our staff speaks English.

    Other services included:

    • registration fee, branded tee-shirt, itineraries, pictures of the tour
    • assistance, medical and luggage insurance that covers both rider and passenger for all medical expenses in Italy and repatriation assistance costs in case of accident or illness during the tour and luggage theft or loss
    • typical Italian welcome aperitif
    • overnight ferry crossing Naples – Palermo for people and bikes, and return
    • 2 nights onboard in double en-suite cabin
    • 13 nights en-suite accommodation and buffet breakfast in hand-picked, well-rated classy and charming first class hotels (mostly 4 stars)
    • 9 super dinners in hotel or external restaurant at walking distance (drinks excluded)
    • 6 super lunches in typical restaurants (drinks excluded)
    • luggage van (with possibility of transport for 1-2 passengers) if the final number of participants is 5 bikes or more
    • vouchers of value comprised between 250 € and 450 € to be used to buy additional services (fuel, meals, entrance tickets, etc) if the final number of participants is 8 bikes or more

    The price does not include:

    • rental motorcycle – available on request
    • not mentioned lunches and dinners, drinks at meals but water
    • extras in hotels, room upgrade or suite accommodation – available on request
    • fuel, any parking fees while touring, entrance tickets in monuments/natural sites, etc – all visits are always optional
    • transfer to the Rome/Milan hotel upon arrival and from the Rome/Milan hotel when departing – available on request
    • anything not specified as “included”


    ON REQUEST vast choice of motorbikes for hire
    FROM 1,060.00 Euro for the whole tour (14 days)
    on a KAWASAKI Z650 with 2400 km, top case + 2 side cases, third liability insurance and  transfer hotel/rental point when picking up the motorcycle and transfer rental point/hotel after dropping the motorcycle

    ON REQUEST shipment of luggage via express forwarder
    (when luggage van is not supplied)

  • More about the touring area

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    naples amalfi coast tour sicily escorted tours southern italy motorbike touring naples amalfi coast tour sicily escorted tours southern italy motorbike touring naples amalfi coast tour sicily escorted tours southern italy motorbike touring
    Latium Campania Sicily
    • Many people know nothing about Latium except its main city, Rome, the most visited destination in Italy for “pedestrian” tourists. Yet Latium has a strong identity that goes far beyond its capital. It is an ancient and bewitching land rich in tradition, the authentic nursery of Italian roots where the Etruscan, Roman, and Catholic civilizations arose.A treasure trove of artworks and architectural gems, the whole region offers many and varied glimpses of the past, of inestimable beauty and appeal – Roman remains, castles, crypts, and monasteries – with such a choice that deciding what to see can be a real headache. All this against an impressive backdrop of majestic parks and lakes, such as Nemi, Bolsena and Bracciano.Latium is still sprinkled with gorgeous noble villas, many now converted into first class hotels, often nestling amid vineyards that offer visitors white wines as refreshing and cheerful as the region’s people.
    • Campania, a very peculiar, messed-up region with a strong identity, incomparable to any other place in Italy, that you will fall in love with or definitely hate but can no way remain indifferent to. Naples, the city most often depicted in the classic Italian post-war cinema – with its chaos, its theatricality, its immense contrasts, and its inhabitants’ unique characterization – is probably the Italian town that foreigners know best, even if they have never set foot in our country. Capri, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Pompei, the Vesuvius … are names everyone has heard and dreamt of. And we’ll bring you there!
    • Legendary Sicily. With more than 5 million inhabitants, Sicily is the only Italian region which counts two of the 10 most densely populated cities in the country: Palermo and Catania.Inhabited since the most ancient times, the first traces of human life found on the island go back to 12.000 B.C. Many cultures bloomed in the proto-historic era. Many other populations settled in the island later on, among which the Sicels, the Sicanians and the Elymians. Then came the Phoenicians and the Greeks above all, who for the subsequent 600 years made of Sicily a great battlefield for the Greek-Punic and Roman-Punic wars. Therefore it was easy for the Romans to subjugate the island that became part of their Empire until its fall during the V century A.C.So it was a land of conquest. During the Dark Ages the Vandals, the Ostrogoth, the Byzantines, the Arabs and even the Normans took possession of the island; the latter founded the Kingdom of Sicily. Later it was conquered also by the Angevin family, then by the Aragon dynasty which later made of it a vice-kingdom of Spain. It became then land of the Savoy family, of the Austrian crown and lastly of the house of Bourbon, who, by joining the Kingdom of Sicily with the Kingdom of Naples, created the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Sicily was reunited to the Kingdom of Italy in 1860 through a referendum proposed after the Expedition of the Thousand guided by Giuseppe Garibaldi during the Risorgimento which brought to life the first united Italy. From 1946 Sicily, constituted as an independent region with a special administrative status, has again its own parliament, that had been established even before the birth of Italian Republic.All these historical vicissitudes have obviously left a multitude of testimonies and monuments everywhere, which made of Sicily one of the most captivating areas of the country from both the historical and cultural point of view, in addition to being an island of undeniable panoramic appeal. And thus we disclosed the secret of its great popularity.After many millenniums of invasions and changes of ruler, Sicilians were able to blend the many bloods that flow in their veins into a proud population with a strong identity which hardly bends its back before the instituted power. Nonetheless with friend-visitors they are the most gentle, caring and welcoming housemasters and no one is exempted from a little heartache when leaving their homeland after having experienced all the good things and amazing places it offers.
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