Motorcycle tours in Italy

Pleasure touring for Rider & Pillion


Whether you would like to do a guided tour in a group or travel alone at your dates, whether you prefer the elegance of upscale hotels or the charms of a B&B in the countryside, whether you are a gourmet happy with excellent cuisine or you prefer a quick sandwich to put more miles under your belt, you’ve come to the right place!

Your motorcycle tour starts with us, chosen from different types of ready-to-ride programs, to discover a different, living and never monotonous Italy, where the trip is perhaps more important than the destination.

It’s also the right address if you have a dream motorcycle trip to translate into a tailor-made reality. With us you will have 3 trips in 1: you will immerse yourself in the Italy as seen by Italian bikers, roaming around, like and with them, the most beautiful, winding and scenic roads of the country (90% guaranteed) in the middle of an incredible variety of landscapes; you will visit the most evocative places of Italy, from the most famous destinations to the less known many wonders off the beaten track; and you will discover authentic traditional Italian cuisine in hand-picked restaurants, already tested for you.

In addition to Rome, Venice, Florence, the Cinque Terre Park and the Amalfi Coast, in Italy you will find 49 other UNESCO World Heritage sites to ensure an unforgettable holiday between ancient temples, classic castles, medieval villages, nuraghi … scattered in the wild nature of Sardinia, the vineyards of Piedmont, the olive groves of Tuscany, the majestic Dolomites and our fantastic 7,500 km of coasts …

Our motorcycle tours

At the heart of all our motorcycle tours you will always find roads, bends and landscapes! And a fair amount of time in the saddle to really have fun on the most beautiful roads in the country. In addition all our tours can be done on your own motorcycle or with a model within our wide range of rentals. For all the rest, you’re spoilt for choice with our 4 types of tours:

Premium Italy motorcycle tours

High-end proposals for demanding travellers who want to have a real motorcycle holiday in style, with a lot of treats and attentions, and completely carefree. From 8 to 16 days to discover the best of Italy and all facets of fine living, including the authentic Italian cuisine.

After many long months of hard work it is finally time for a well-deserved holiday without any compromise: it has to be upscale, totally carefree and full of indulgence and treats ! Our recipe for you is a motorcycle trip in Italy, along the most beautiful roads of the country, away from traffic, jams and stress, to discover its beautiful landscapes, its history and its cuisine …

Free Rider Italy motorcycle tours
escorted / self-ride

All the charms and freedom of traditional motorcycle touring, as a self-ride at your own pace, with the type of accommodation chosen according to your needs, or in a group with a guide (once a season) without major constraints. One week on average, with inviting prices.

If motorcycling is your passion, then the right holiday can only be on a bike seat ! You are a purist who loves motorcycle trips without too many frills but which are nonetheless well prepared. Wherever you go, you want to ride on the best motorcycle roads, scenic and full of curves, the really fun ones that only the locals
know and take ..

Trail Italy motorcycle tours


For those who prefer the thrills of the off-road adventure motorcycle, from the Alps to the coast we have everything to satisfy all desires. Always guided, whether it’s one of our 3 ready-to-go or a custom tour, in the expert hands of Giovanni the pleasure is guaranteed!

Italy is also ideal for off-road tours, as we’re not short of mountains in our country! This type of tour, which includes parts on tarmac, parts on dirt roads and also right in the wilderness, is addressed to trail experts in possession of their own adventure motorcycle.  For those a bit rusty with their skills, we propose prior to the tour a 2-day training course at the enduro school of our expert guide …

Tailor-made Italy tours

escorted / self-ride

If your requirements are different (need of privacy, specific itinerary, big group, …), tell us your idea and desires and together we will transform them into reality through a purpose-made tour, even in parallel with a different type of holiday for those in your group who do not ride a motorcycle. 

Let’s say it once again: it is universally acknowledged that Italy is one of the most multi-faceted interesting place to visit on earth. Italy just has it all: its territory offers an unrivaled wealth of history, landscapes, regional cultures and cuisines, allowing a traveler to easily enjoy on the same day winding roads in the mountains and along the coast, a trip to a city of art and a foray into the …



Sardinia in the time of covid

After a truly anomalous season full of frustrations for everyone – but maybe a little more for us bikers, who this year had to severely limit our rides – we need and deserve a nice revenge, don’t you think so too? It is precisely for this reason that we have created this SPECIAL tour, which will no longer be offered

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Time for your dream motorcycle tour with Italy on Motorbike

After the bad times, bring on the good ones with a motorcycle tour!

Italy has reopened its doors to European visitors 3 weeks ago, and in the past few days, several other European countries have followed suit and ended their lockdowns, as have many other countries worldwide.  In short, we have our life back, finally, and with it, motorcycle touring!  Hurrah!! For us, we can’t pretend it hasn’t been hard!  As you can

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Italy is not a country of plague spreaders !

On the contrary, it has deployed a draconian system to be effective in the fight against the spread of the virus, and it is precisely the implementation of preventive measures that has put us under the world’s spotlight ! We are aware that the eyes of the world are on us in Italy at the moment, as we are the

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Range of rental motorcycles with Italy on Motorbike

Motorcycle rental whilst touring Italy

For some, touring is a yearly (and more) occurrence, for others, it’s a special occasion, a dream or a celebration. For many, arriving at destination can take a few days, or might be completely out of reach if coming from another continent altogether, which is why so many people choose to fly and get a motorcycle rental. But then motorcycle

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